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May These Gates Never Be Closed

Canada, like the rest of the world, is in the midst of serious Olympic fever. I’ve personally contributed to that fever by watching so much Olympics coverage that I now know the minutiae about things that never occurred to me to matter before now, such as the proper landing positions for the triple axel and the triple lutz, and the difference between the skeleton and the luge. Really, Canada has every right to be uncharacteristically* Canadian during the 16 days that Vancouver is hosting the Olympics; they have every right to be filled with glowing hearts. They are doing a fabulous job of managing the expectations of the world, even without snow…at the WINTER Olympics, to be sure.

There has been article after article, show after show, and video after video about the Games, but it wasn’t until I saw^ the video Tom Brokaw produced for NBC that I really took notice. The video apparently aired in British Columbia just prior to the start of the Games as an “education” piece about Canada for Americans. God knows we need it, too. Watching this video made my heart well up with pride and my eyes with tears for *both* of my countries — the one in which I was born and the one in which I choose to live. A better piece of journalism has never been produced, imho!

Now do you see why I love Canada? Swoon!
* By which I mean allowed to go crazy and show their passionate pride for their country, something that actually took urging from their Prime Minister! Those crazy Canucks.

^ I actually found it because it was trending on Twitter.


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