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Pimpin’ It West Coast Style

I was far overdue for a vacation.  Even when you are in love with the city in which you live, everybody needs a little time away.  So, I took full advantage of my best-friend-since-the-earth-cooled’s move to southern California and my other longtime, and former Houston dwelling, friend who-is-the-total-bomb’s already planned trip to northern California. Some serious California dreamin’ was going to be had by yours truly.

Long-time ATGAIC readers already know that I am hardly prodigious when I write.  Ahem.  😉  My trip was ten days — TEN DAYS! — and if I tried to write about everything I did, I’d surely a) develop carpal tunnel syndrome, b) bore my fair readers so much that they’d likely fall over, face first, into their dinner and no doubt stab their eye out with their fork, and c) get my azz beaten.  It would be enough to make your eyes bleed, I’m sure.  Instead, I’m going to utilize a super-stealthlike-jedi-mind-trick to make you *feel* like you’re getting the full rundown on my vacation, without having to read a novella, by featuring a lovely photo presentation!  Also, my Flickr-ninja skills have been in full force so feel free to see the plethora of photos there, as well.

And now, the highlights:

Hung out at the beach in Corona Del Mar and caught some rays.
California 017 

Drooled over the $10 million “weekend homes” on Balboa Island. (Note to self: work harder.) California 212

Scared families and small children with my I’ve-been-living-in-Canada-so-long-I-am-nearly-translucent skin.California 266


Partied with the Red Rocker on Independence Day. (Well, a look-a-like anyway.) California 286

Watched fireworks go boom! over the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach.California 332


Got attacked by a tree aprés July 4th festivities. California 335

Went to the infamous Alameda Antiques Fair in Oakland to rifle through things such as dismembered doll parts and old dental moulds.California 076


Saw some guys getting arrested in San Francisco.  Epic!California 348


Chilled at the fifth most popular architectural structure in the U.S. and swooned.California 103


Enjoyed evening repast, and practically had a foodgasm, at Restaurant Gary Danko. It was so good, I may or may not have wept. Gary Danko Lobster Salad

Hung out with some Bimbo’s.  And some Ho’s.Bimbo's

California 570

Endured driving down the 140 degree streets of San Francisco with my eyes closed (and hands up!) while my friend Lauren drove. Wheeee!
California 565



Found a store, albeit a clothing one, with the same name as my very favourite candle scent!  Too much goodness.California 562


Didn’t wear make-up for ten whole days!  And got sunburned because I also didn’t wear SPF for ten whole days. 😦  My poor, poor epidermis.California 419


Stayed in possibly the best room with the best view at the best hotel EVAR at Half Moon Bay.California 547


Played croquet. Old skool. And got pooped on by a malicious, malicious California dirty bird while doing it. (see the whiteness?)California 543


Ate the Lobster Roll at Sam’s Chowder House which was named one of the five best sandwiches in the US by NBC’s Today Show.  Yummy.  California 464Goodness.

Went bike riding along the coastal trail and went all Evel Kneival trying to ride and snap a photo simultaneously. Success! California 605

Sat in the hot tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean every night watching people make S’mores at the fire pits lit nightly. Like manna from heaven.California 484


Went hiking, and avoided mountain lions by wielding a very tiny rock and trying to “Be big. Shout!”, at the Purisima Redwoods Forest Preserve.California 581

California 574

Packed up and went home begrudgingly.  And had a fantastawesbulouslyamazing time.

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