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Would You? (Day 13)

The idea of moving countries is probably not one people contemplate very often. Growing up, I remember people saying things like “omg, living in New York City would so rock” or “like, my total dream is to live in Pittsburgh” ;-), but I don’t recall people ever saying “wow, I’d love to move to Canada” or “gee, wouldn’t it be amazing to live in Mexico?”. Although I’m somewhat well-traveled, I probably wouldn’t have seriously considered moving to another country either had I not worked for an organization who supported that kind of effort, and to whom I am forever indebted1.

I don’t really consider myself an arrogant American — I try to soak up as much of the culture of wherever I happen to be without be loud and boisterous about it, but I’m still an American — and especially a Texas girl — through and through.  As much as I love Canada — and I seriously love Canada — I was seriously surprised when I saw the results of a poll conducted this week by the Globe and Mail asking the question “would you leave Canada if offered a good job in the United States?”.

Globe and mail

I mean, doesn’t everyone aspire to live in the land of affordableness, Target, and The Cheesecake Factory? ;-)I smugly assumed the “yes” responses would be off the charts (see above: Target), because, really, what’s not to love about the States2?! In fact, though, the “yes’s” and the “no’s” ran almost neck and neck. Sure, you have to consider the respondents, by which I mean the people who would actually spend their valuable time taking newspaper polls (wait a minute….), and sure, you have to consider that I personally choose to live in a lovely country where I pay exorbitant taxes for things like snow removal, but nevertheless, I must admit that I was seriously surprised by these results. 

Maybe I’m just an eclectic nomad who would live almost anywhere no matter the cost, but I’m wondering: would you move to another country if you could?

1 Or, at least indebted until July 10, 2010 when my work visa expires.
2 Don’t answer that.

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