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Reason #7,482 Why I Love My Province

You’d think that after returning from my recent epic trip to California , I’d need about a month of recovery.  But girls who blog never rest, y’all! 

Rouge River Valley Trails 020While I was in California, I had such a lovely time hiking in the Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space, that I decided to see where I could hike in the great province of Ontario.  Of the ten whole provinces and three whole territories in Canada, I’ve traveled to a whopping three of them, although I personally think that Ontario *must* be one of the most beautiful in the country.  We are lucky to have many different terrains — beaches, mountains (well, giant hills, anyway), lakes, concrete ;-), and as I have just discovered, kilometres and kilometres of glorious hiking trails! 

Being that I’m somewhat of a novice in the hiking department, and also that I was unable to brainwash any of my friends to go with me, I decided to play it safe and stick close to home.  I’d filled a backpack with hiking “essentials”, or at least what I’d deemed as “essential”.  Much to essortment.com‘s chagrin, I’m sure, I decided to leave the snake bite kit, triangle bandage with pins, and emergency space blanket at home.  Maybe next time.  

There are apparently several hiking trails within the environs of the Greater Toronto Area, so I pinned up a map, closed my eyes, spun myself around, pointed and headed off to the Rouge River Valley Park.

It was a cool day and I actually had to don the jacket I’d brought with me. Which sucked because it’s July and we havenRouge River Valley Trails 011‘t had one single day of +30C weather in Toronto this month, and only one or two thus far this year.  Which means I haven’t been able to damage my epidermis this summer like I normally try to do.  And, which also means that it’s probably going to be a cold winter, which will make me want to once again jump off my balcony from having to wear a coat for eight straight months.  😦  Such is the life of a devoted Amerinadian.

When I arrived at the park, I made sure to read the “rules” and scan the area map, you know, just in case I got lost on the nearly straight paths. Hikers were urged not to hike alone “for your safety”, what with the non-mountain lions and non-mountain men in the area, but what was a single girl to do?  I shrugged and started walking.  

The hike turned out to be fairly average, but nice.  Eventually, it warmed up a bit, too, allowing my SPF 45 to work its magic for all of ten minutes.   I hiked both the Cedar and Orchard trails, and ended up hiking 8.8 kilometres round trip.  The terrain was mostly flat with a few hills here and there.  I saw several people along the way, including a couple of 80+ year olds, so I knew a) there would be no risk of me passing out and rolling off one of the three steep hills from too strenuous a hike and b) I could’ve outrun them should I have need to do so. 🙂

The most interesting thing I saw, other than the pretty wildflowers along the way, was a parked train.  I couldn’t remember ever being that close to an unattended train before so, naturally, I climbed right up.  Other than the gadgets and gears on the train, I noticed that those train people have serious senses of humour!  Does anyone else notice anything about the wordage used on the train in my photos below?  There was a way more explicit one, too, but in an effort to pan to my more senior readers (ahem), I’m leaving it on my Flickr page for your enjoyment.  Angel halo must remain in tact!

Rouge River Valley Trails 032

Rouge River Valley Trails 036

Rouge River Valley Trails 030

Overall, I had a fantastic walk.  And, it was super cool being out in the quiet all by myself, too.  About five minutes after I’d been standing smack dab in the middle of the tracks, though, a real live train came through, so Thank god Snidely Whiplash, that dastardly villain and bondage practictioner, wasn’t lurking around because Dudley Do-Right, that great Canadian RCMP, was nowhere to be found. 🙂


And I’d sure hate to be tied down and run over by a train.  Because I left my triangle bandage with pins at home, after all. 😉


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