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Gettin’ Busy (Day 3)

Confession: I’m a washroom1 sort of girl, by which I mean that I enjoy lounging around in my soaker tub filled with seasonally-scented bubbles while reading and, preferably, while sipping a large glass of Cab Sauv. This also means that I’m a sucker for wicked cool bathrooms at wicked cool restaurants because I live a very exciting life. Anyway. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend: washrooms today seem to be quite conducive to, let’s say, gettin’ busy. Not that I’m a girl who would ever frequent a bathroom to get busy, but a girl can still make certain observations, nón? As such, I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the discriminating Toronto washrooms bringin’ sexy back.

DeluxToronto International Film Festival 08 010
Walk down a narrow, winding staircase covered in glossy black paint and bump smack dam into two über-private washrooms. The aesthetically pleasing sink fixtures seem to make for a good handle to grab onto, if you’re so inclined.

Spice Route
These washrooms are so big, they could be condos in Tokyo. Red light encourages trouble-making. One wall is a one-way window, looking out onto a garden. You never know who might see you. Or who you might want to see you.

Milestone’s at Toronto Life Square
Admittedly the oddest of the four, Barbie (but mostly Ken) dolls in acrylic boxes stare down at you as you wash your hands, or, say, as you straighten your smudged red lipstick aprés makeout session in the black tiled, and very darkly lit, stalls.

The Tiffany blue settee just outside the charmingly precious washrooms is a good spot to meet up. The light switch is about shoulder height which offers easy access for your elbow. Ahem.


1The Canadian way of saying restroom


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