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And They Said It Would Never Last

My parents have been married forty-two years today. Forty-two years! And that doesn’t even include the years when they were just dating. Can you imagine? The upper limits of my attention span are often tested when I’m in a conversation that’s longer than forty-two minutes, much less forty-two years. 😉  I know they tried providing me with good, strong, make-a-commitment-forever-and-ever-type genes, but I like to say that I’ve held off tying the knot so I don’t have to spend too much time with the one I love^…especially not forty-two years with the one I love! Anyway.

My parents still hold hands in the mall. They still call each other when they’re just running up to the store to get milk and will be home in, like, five freaking minutes. They still fix coffee for each other in the morning. They still leave little notes for each other on the bathroom mirror, just because, and my dad still goes and gets gas for my mom when her car’s on “empty”. They couldn’t wait for me to turn 18 so I could go off to university and leave them the heck alone. And even after forty-two years of marriage, my mom still digs deep inside the recesses of her kitchen cabinets to pull out the champagne flutes they used at their rehearsal dinner forty-two years and a day ago, so they can use them at their anniversary dinner.

This is not to say that they don’t argue — every couple does — and if they didn’t, I’d probably stare at them as if they were true freaks from another planet. But the bottom line is that my parents actually still like and respect each other, and are still very much in love. Here’s wishing them an amazing anniversary filled with lots of love from the people whose lives they enrich by just being the amazing people they are.

Happy 42nd Anniversary Mom and Dad!

^ likely excuse 😉


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