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The Fun Theory

I rarely take the stairs anymore. I live on the 22nd floor of a high rise, so unless there’s a giant fire or a super hot guy waiting in the stairwell, I’m usually on the elevator. I work on the second floor of my office building and unfortunately, it isn’t connected to any of the other floors (I think TSN used to broadcast from this building and kept this floor separated for security purposes), so I have to take the elevator even when I’m at work.  I occasionally take the stairs when I ride the subway, but as any of you who have ever visited Toronto know, the subway here is sort of a fake subway, that is to say that it doesn’t really take you far, so I usually end up driving (read: I’m lazy). 

I’d *definitely* take the stairs, though, if I ever happened across piano stairs like the ones the clever, clever Swedes — with support from Volkswagen — recently installed at one of their subway stations. The project, called “the Fun Theory”, was created to change people’s behaviour for the better by making a previously “unfun” task more fun to do. I think it’s simply genius. I mean, who doesn’t want to pretend they’re Tom Hanks in “Big” and hear sounds coming from underneath your feet as you climb a bunch of stairs?

What do you think of the “Fun Theory” and this type of social engineering?

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