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In Six Words or Less

My day today: threaten self to get out of bed NOW…or else.  Pour copious amounts of caffeine down esophagus, just for the taste of it. Speed to work. Curse at idiots good citizens of Toronto driving slowly in the left lane. Don’t they know?? Then work. And work. Eat lunch. And work some more. Speed back downtown as quickly as humanly possible. Breathe easier when CN Tower comes into view. Almost home now. Check for mail candy. Jump up and down, smile, and clap quickly — Coraline DVD has arrived. Power on laptop with the broken back. Check email. Open Google Reader. Check backtype (yeah, right. It hurts, but I can take it.) Consume leftovers. Put on Coraline, but become distracted by websites and blogs and sanguine vids. Vids like TO in 6 Words (posted below for your viewing pleasure) that make me swoon and coo and fall head-over-heels in love with my city all over again.  Because I effin’ *love* my city.  It really is the *best* city, yo.  Even when it’s cold 11.5 months a year (damn “wintersummer” of 2009).  Even when the plethora of downtown construction causes my streetcar to go on unnecessary half-hour long wild goose chases.  Even when I want to be anywhere but here, my city always manages to inspire me. Even then. And so I post, because what I feel for my lovely city starts with an l and ends with an o-v-e.  But I digress.  Then, put on pajamas and keep nightly date with heavenly bed. Set alarm for an hour far too early por moi. And rinse and repeat. 🙂

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