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My Own 50 Reasons To Love Toronto

Just when I thought I couldn’t love a city any more, Toronto Life magazine goes and publishes an issue — and a video! — with 50 reasons to love Toronto.

You all know that I could easily come up with about one bazillion and one reasons to love Toronto, but in the spirit of the article, I’ve decided to list my own 50 reasons to love this fan-freaking-tastic city! And these are just the ones I came up with on the fly! I guess that’s not so hard when you’re in love.

1. When the sun shines and lights Lake Ontario up as blue as a sapphire
2. The cuisine. Enough said.
3. Art Gallery of Ontario
4. Nuit Blanche
5. The awesome Metro food writer, Stephanie Dickison
6. Independent bookstores that are still in business
7. A festival for every neighbourhood and ethnic group in the city every single weekend during the summer
8. That people call me back when they say they will
9. The Toronto Reference Library
10. Allan Gardens
11. How serious its people are about recycling. A PhD is required to figure it all out. Thank god I live in a building. ūüėČ
12. Toronto Cat Rescue*
13. Wychwood Art Barns
14. The Distillery District
15. That I can count on one hand the number of times someone’s been rude to me here
16. How people generally do not care about your race. Seriously, America — get the eff over it
17. The 401, better known locally as the Highway of Heroes
18. Mother’s Dumplings
19. The astonishing number of museums: art, sugar, shoe, police, and of course, hockey
20. Toronto Botanical Garden
21. Honest Ed’s
22. The sheer number of cupcake shoppes
23. Beaches, parks, hiking trails, and ski runs within a two hour drive
24. The weather, by which I mean no humidity
25. The St. Lawrence Market
26. Luminato
27. Toronto International Film Festival
28. Canada Reads
29. CBC headquarters
30. Second City
31. Frank Gehry
32. Volleyball on Sunday at Ashbridges Bay
33. Brunch. That is all.
34. The Mies van der Rohe-designed TD Canada Towers
35. Doors Open Toronto
36. The Junior League of Toronto
37. DJ skating parties in winter at Harbourfront
38. That gay people can get married here
39. Winterlicious/Summerlicious
40. The Drake Hotel
41. Trinity Bellwoods Park on the first “warm” day of Spring
42. The DVP when the trees are changing
43. Downtown coming into view when I drive south on the DVP every single day. Not a day goes by that I don’t smile when I see it.
44. The lookout from the Don Valley Brick Works
45. Watching the brightly coloured kayaks bob and float in Lake Ontario
46. How quickly the city clears the roads when it snows
47. Massey Hall
48. Double-decker tour buses in the summer
49. Even though the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 40+ years, 99% of people here are still die-hard fans
50. As much as they hate it, how damn nice Torontonians are, especially my amazing friends

I don’t know what Toronto Life’s 50 reasons are, but I can’t wait to find out!

P.S. I’ll link out tomorrow — I’m too tired right now. Must. Go. To. Bed.

* From whom I adopted my adorable cat, Abby

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It’s A Girl!

I was never a fan of cats. I’ve always been a canine girl. I grew up with a Cocker Spaniel named Buffy, who I literally carried around wherever we went, and, later, a black Miniature Schnauzer named Heidi who was smart and seriously precious. Once I grew up, I wanted to get my own dog, but I never got around to it, mostly because I’m lazy I travel a lot and didn’t think it would be fair to my dog to be alone.

When I moved to dog-crazed Toronto, I started getting the dog itch again, mostly because of the hot guys at the dog parks I didn’t have any family here and was craving some unconditional love. I know myself well enough, though, to know that in the midst of six months of subzero temperatures, I’m not going to get up out of my warm, cozy bed to, not only walk a dog in the snow, but pick up its poop in the snow. As if.

I knew several people with cats and started thinking about getting a cat as an “unconditional love” alternative. But since I didn’t know a thing about them, I decided to go with the “try before you buy” mantra and foster a cat rather than adopt one right away.

I contacted Toronto Cat Rescue and, after a couple of false starts, finally found a foster baby that didn’t need medical attention*; in March, an adorable, six year-old female Tabby came to live with me! Her name was Agatha, but the only Agatha’s I know are old, warty, and witchy, so I decided to call her Abby**. To say the first night was rough would be an understatement. She moved in with me on a Wednesday night and because I’m sure she was completely anxious and nervous, she meowed literally all night long. I may have slept two hours (note to self: don’t start fostering a cat on a school night). There were some litter box and some sofa-marking issues the first week, but with the help of my new best friend aluminum foil, she eventually settled in. In fact, I’ve had her for exactly one month and she now sleeps on my extra pillow every night, which I think means she likes me. ūüôā

I’m technically only fostering Abby, but I’d pretty much fallen in love with her after day three. When she cuddles up to me and purrs, my heart literally melts. It totally calms me and even when she gets annoyed that I practically lay on top of her, she still lets me get my purring fix. I bought Abby a $24 bed that she wouldn’t go near, but when I brought home a free box top from work, I couldn’t get her out of it. She loves playing with her crinkle ball and mouse, string on a stick, and pink catnip mouse, and when I can’t find her, she’s usually chillin’ in my soaker tub.^ The final sign that I’ve officially become a crazy cat lady, though? I started a Twitter feed for my cat. What can I say? She’s a true bird lover, after all. ūüėČ Check out Abby’s fierce tweeting skills at twitter.com/abbysmeow.

Clearly my poor foster cat is having to make up for the fact that I currently have no sugar daddy. Ahem. ūüėČ

* Every cat they called me for required shot or medicine-giving. Being a first time cat parent, I was just not prepared to give some cat shots in his gums.
** Okay, I didn’t totally take away her identity, so don’t freak out. Her original family called her Tabby, so I figured Abby wasn’t too far off. What?

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And They Said It Would Never Last

My parents have been married¬†forty-two years today. Forty-two years! And that doesn’t even include the years when they were just dating. Can you imagine?¬†The upper¬†limits of my attention span¬†are often¬†tested when¬†I’m in a conversation that’s longer than¬†forty-two minutes, much less¬†forty-two years. ūüėȬ† I know they tried providing me with good, strong, make-a-commitment-forever-and-ever-type genes, but I like to say that I’ve held off tying the knot so I don’t have to spend too much¬†time with the one I love^…especially not forty-two years with the one I love! Anyway.

My parents¬†still hold hands¬†in the mall.¬†They still call each other when they’re just running up to the store to get milk and will be home in, like, five freaking minutes. They still fix coffee for each other in the morning.¬†They still leave little notes for each other on the bathroom mirror, just because, and my dad still goes and gets gas for my mom when¬†her car’s¬†on “empty”. They couldn’t wait for me to turn 18 so I could go off to university and leave them the heck alone. And even after forty-two years of marriage, my mom still digs¬†deep inside¬†the recesses of her kitchen cabinets to pull¬†out the champagne flutes they used at their rehearsal dinner forty-two years and a day ago, so they can¬†use them at their anniversary dinner.

This is not to say that they don’t argue — every couple does — and if they didn’t, I’d probably stare at them as if they were¬†true freaks from another planet. But the bottom line is that my parents actually still like and respect each other, and are still very much in love.¬†Here’s wishing them¬†an amazing anniversary¬†filled with lots of love from the people¬†whose lives they enrich by just being the amazing people they are.

Happy 42nd Anniversary Mom and Dad!

^ likely excuse ūüėČ


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Happy Thanksgiving! (Day 26)

I had every intention of penning a verbose message this Thanksgiving, but the immobilization caused by the tryptophanic residue in my bloodstream has currently hurled me inexorably couchward.

I wanted to say a lot today. I am sure that some of you are more than tired of me and my vapid, but cheerful(!), blog posts, and while I’m sorry you’re bored, you must surely have a cold, shriveled little heart that cannot tolerate my gratitude! I feel like I have a lot to be grateful for, like my amazingly loving and supportive parents who, even though I packed up an moved 1,600 miles away, still love me just like I was sitting in their house being the demanding princess I can occasionally be. ūüôā I am grateful for being able to live in Canada and, while I know I won’t be here forever, I have fallen in love with this beautiful country and its fantastic peeps — I wouldn’t trade a single, solitary moment of my time here and will always say only excellent things about the country, even when they continue making fun of my accent. ūüôā But what I really wanted to do today was to show some love to YOU, my blog readers. You, the people who take the time to stop by here and read my drivel, to leave comments, to send emails, and reply to tweets. Those of you who stop by, lurk, and say nothing at all.

When I started blogging a few years ago, I loved it, but did it really just for myself. I never took it seriously. Then people actually started finding me and reading me, and I had no idea that my site would grow into a community of people I love and treasure‚ÄĒnot just online, but offline, too.

My blog friends have sent me some of the nicest emails I‚Äôve ever received. They have encouraged me in the midst of relationship issues, the ending of friendships and worries about my future. They have made me laugh and cry all at the same time. Some of them have crossed the line from ‚Äúe-friends‚ÄĚ to just plain friends. Friends I speak with regularly, friends I can‚Äôt wait to see again. Friends who fill my email box, my Facebook wall, and my snail mail box with love and care and friendship.

Blogging has reconnected me to old friends and to people I had no idea were reading or paying attention. It has opened my eyes to people and alternate points of view points and goals and books and careers and ideas and plans. And for that, I can never write an adequate post.

So, if you’re here, on this page, I just want to say Thank You. I am thankful for you. I am grateful for all of the little things, with seemingly insignificant moments that make my life so much sweeter.

I wanted to say all that, but all I can really manage at this moment is a giant Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I love, and am so thankful for, you all!


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In Six Words or Less

My day today:¬†threaten self to get out of bed NOW…or else.¬†¬†Pour¬†copious amounts of caffeine down esophagus,¬†just for the taste of it. Speed to work. Curse at¬†idiots good citizens of Toronto¬†driving slowly in the left lane. Don’t they know??¬†Then¬†work. And work. Eat lunch. And work some more.¬†Speed back downtown as quickly as humanly possible. Breathe easier when¬†CN Tower comes into view. Almost home now. Check for mail candy. Jump up and down, smile,¬†and clap quickly — Coraline DVD has arrived. Power on¬†laptop with the¬†broken back.¬†Check email. Open Google Reader. Check backtype (yeah, right. It hurts, but I can take it.) Consume¬†leftovers.¬†Put on Coraline, but become distracted by websites and blogs and sanguine vids.¬†Vids like TO in 6 Words (posted below for your viewing pleasure) that make¬†me swoon and coo and fall¬†head-over-heels in love with my city all over again.¬† Because¬†I effin’ *love* my city.¬† It really¬†is the *best* city, yo.¬† Even when it’s cold¬†11.5 months a year (damn¬†“wintersummer” of 2009). ¬†Even when the plethora of downtown construction causes my streetcar to go on¬†unnecessary¬†half-hour long¬†wild goose chases.¬† Even when I want to be anywhere but here, my¬†city always¬†manages to inspire me.¬†Even then. And so I post, because what I feel for my lovely city starts with an¬†l and ends with an o-v-e.¬† But I digress.¬† Then,¬†put on¬†pajamas and¬†keep¬†nightly date with¬†heavenly bed. Set alarm for an hour far too early por moi. And rinse and repeat. ūüôā

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