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Driveway Challenge 015Sometimes work can be a giant bore. Cubicle life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, that’s for sure.  Sometimes.  Sometimes, though, it’s like gravy and sprinkles, and this week was one of those times.

Anyone who knows anything about (Canadian) sports knows Cabral Richards.  Who?  You probably better know him as Cabbie, as in The Score’s Cabbie on the Street. (I think The Score’s site might have been borked because it looks like crap.)  Being a new Torontonian, I had no clue who he was.  But I quickly discovered him to be hip and cool (traits I *also* share) and I developed a giant sports crush on him.  Cabbie likes to say that he’s “taking the sports interview game down a level”, which is not to say that his interviews are either stupid, or for stupid people.  Rather, he just cracks you the hell up!  I started Tivo’ing his show, Cabbie Unlimited, and fell in love with his bits with famous athletes like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.  His love affair interviews with Kobe are hilariously funny and quasi-legendary.  Because my blog isn’t yet self-hosted (but will be as soon as I can figure out what the hell “DNS propogation” and “domain mapping” are — *then* my days of renting will be done. DONE!), you can view said interviews on Cabbie’s You Tube page rather than me wasting my valuable time and space embedding the vids here. 😉    Driveway Challenge 022

So when I heard the awesome news that he would be hosting this event a second time, I was giddy!  GIDDY!  Forget the fact that Chris Bosh was the star of the day…I was going to meet Cabbie.  And, of course, as soon as he arrived, he was mobbed.  Which, of course, I’m used to and is why I had to procure my own security straight from the Air Canada Centre, as illlustrated above.  Ahem.

The event was getting ready to start and Cabbie hadn’t yet been freed up since every John, Paul and Larry within five miles were there to take his picture.  Thank goodness for my friend Cat who barged right up to him and said “hey Cabbie, I have your biggest fan here!” And he proceeded to do this (please turn your attention to the photo to the top of the page and to the left)!!!!!!!  Because he’s eleventy-thousand kinds of awesome.

Driveway Challenge 016I managed to stop hyperventilating long enough to blurt out some drivel about how I was so excited to meet him and about how I’d seen him at this same event last year but, being new to Canada and all, didn’t yet know who he was, but that I loved the stuff he’d done with Kobe and how I was his biggest girl fan.  You can see me going on and on and on, and how completely riveted he looks, when you turn your attention to the photo above and to your left. (!!!) 

And because he couldn’t get enough of me, we then took the photo of all photos, and one that I’m sure he’s already downloaded off of my Flickr page and has taken to Kinko’s to blow up into a wall-sized portrait for his office. Well, at least I like to think that’s what he did.  In reality, that was the end of that.  But it made my day…hell, it made my year!  I haven’t taken a shower yet.  🙂Driveway Challenge 017

And now for the shameless plug for which I am not getting one single penny: the new season of Cabbie Unlimited premieres September 1 at 7pm ET on The Score.  Check it out.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.  Just prepare your insides for the insane jiggling around they will experience from the non-stop laughter.

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