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I Am Canadian — The Rant

Well, I’m not really Canadian.  I don’t say “eh” or “zed”, I don’t shovel snow, I don’t know the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada (old or new), I don’t drink screech, I don’t use the word “chesterfield” in lieu of “sofa”, I’ve only had poutine once, I don’t call a case of beer a “Two Four”, and I’ve never been up the CN Tower, even though it’s literally in my backyard.

However.  I love the idea of the cultural mosaic versus the melting pot, the CBC, spending summers outside without dying of heat stroke, Tim Hortons, butter tarts, Red Rose tea, First Nations and Group of Seven art, saying “kill-AH-metres” but calling them “clicks”, manners, tolerance, acceptance, gratefulness, family, humility, and on and on and on.  I knew I’d become an unofficial Canadian when someone recently bumped into me and *I* apologized.  🙂

Everyone knows I have a serious crush on Canada, so when I was recently shown this commerical on Canadian nationalism called “The Rant”, I knew I had to post it here. 

“I Am Canadian” was the slogan for Molson Canadian from the mid-90’s through the early 2000’s.  “The Rant” is a Molson commercial that originally aired in April 2000.  It stars Joe, an average Canadian who takes great joy in distinguishing Canadians from Americans (“I believe in peacekeeping, not policing”) and dispelling a handful of notions (some) Americans have about Canada (no, they don’t all live in igloos).  It’s poignant, humorous and, in typically Canadian fashion, quietly proud.  Canada, FTW!

You’re welcome. 😉


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