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Hi Computer, Meet Fritz (Day 12)

Please enjoy this reenactment of me yelling at my laptop ten minutes ago: okay, what? What?! FTL! Work, dammit, work!

My computer has decided to go on the fritz at a most inopportune time, as I’m trying to book airline flights, keep up with NaBloPoMo and generally perv the intertubes. Le sigh. Thank goodness for my being a slave to Steve Jobs, though, as I am so conveniently able to fulfill my NaBloPoMo commitment via my iPhone. Not sure what’s going on with my lappy, but it started yesterday when I was unable to unmute. Computers on mute aren’t any fun, are they? I mean, how am I supposed to watch my beloved Vimeo videos, listen to Ira Glass, or read listen to my book?  Not to mention, I would guess that this rhetorical, but spot-on, question has been asked previously, but how is it possible that we are able to send people rocketing through orbits and space and atmospheres in a piece of metal at 5,298 mph to walk on the moon, but are unable to build a laptop that lasts longer than 2 1/2 years? A laptop that is nary required to enter any orbits or atmospheres other than the one in which it lives? Surely this is some kind of jedi mind trick in motion.

Nevertheless, my very exciting posting (sneak peek: Hell House!) will have to wait until tomorrow when I am at work get home from work and can McGuyver this bad boy up. Stay tuned.

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