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Holidays On Ice (Day 22)

The holidays have officially arrived! This Thursday is US Thanksgiving and, for this American girl, signals the kick-off to the official holiday season and the beginning of the countdown to Christmas. Which, of course, can also mean only one thing — it’s time, once again, to read my most favourite holiday book. What’s that, you ask? Is it “Twas the Night Before Christmas? No. A Christmas Carol, perhaps? Prognosis negative. The classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas? No, although I’m sure all the Who’s down in Who-ville would disagree. Nope — none of those come close, actually.

The book I look forward to reading every single year is David SedarisHolidays On Ice, his superlatively hilarious tales of working as an elf at Macy’s New York. The “SantaLand Diaries” first debuted in 1992 as an essay on NPR’s Morning Edition and was so popular that it essentially launched him into stardom. The book contains other stories in addition to the SantaLand Diaries, including my personal favourite “Dinah, The Christmas Whore”. Every page of this book is so positively hilarious that I usually end up with buckets of tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard. The best part? The book is dedicated to Ira Glass. I’m sure I would be able to think of one or two things that might be better than this pairing if I put my mind to it, but at this particular moment, I cannot. That’s pretty much as good as it gets — David Sedaris and Ira Glass. A Christmas classic, indeed.

While perusing YouTube today, I found an audio clip of Mr. Sedaris reading the audio verison of Holidays On Ice aloud. I’m embedding Part I here for your listening pleasure, so turn on your Christmas lights, grab a cuppa hot chocolate and your snuggie, and prepare your rib cage for some serious chest-shaking guffaws. You’re welcome. 😉

1 Shockingly, I found it on sale in hardback at Chapters for $5.99, so for those of you in Canada, fire up your snowmobiles and get over there — pronto!

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Word. (Day 8)

You know how the ubiquitous coffee-table book always seems to be *the* Christmas gift to give? Well, imagine this: a coffee-table book of A Texas Girl’s Adventures in Canada! Think of it — anytime you had a hankering to read about how the RCMP is spying on me likes to read my blog or about how ridonculouslyunaware not in the know my fellow countrymen can be about Canada, you can just run to your bookshelf and grab a hardcopy of my 100 posts of goodness for your reading pleasure. You can customize the cover and the interior, and feel very much like you’re on your way to becoming the next Ernest Hemingway.

Blog2Print is the company that came up with this brilliant idea and Jess of Sift, Dust & Toss fame is the lovely Canadian food blogger who brought this seriously awesome invention to my attention. She’s already gotten her first 100 posts printed and she’s only been blogging since January 2009. I’m a serious blogging delinquent considering I didn’t hit my 100th post until last week — after two and a half years (!) — but we don’t need to talk about that. All we need to talk about is getting my narcissism awesomeness to print!

Santa, if you’re reading…. 😉

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