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Who Knew?

So, I’m walking down Queen Street West the other day minding my own business when, all of a sudden, what appears before my eyes and ears but the cacophony of rubber on concrete and hundreds of people on bikes.  Even two-story ones.  I turn around and lo and behold, see this craziness!  Apparently, the riders were doing a little pre-event promo for the Bicycle Film Festival, a “festival” that celebrates all things “bike” in all its forms and styles.

The idea for the festival was born in 2001, when the founder, Brendt Barbur, was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City. He decided that, rather than be forced off the road, he’d create a way to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and film, and of course, awareness.  To wit, the festival is now held in 39 cities around the world, Toronto being one of them, natch.


Bicycle Film Festival

Bicycle Film Festival 2


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