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Toronto The Good. No, Really.

I was parked in a parking lot one day last week and grabbing some stuff from the backseat of my car, when another car pulled up next to me. The driver rolled down her window and asked if I knew where the new Winners* was located. I didn’t, but I’d seen a billboard in the area saying that Winners had, in fact, moved. All I could remember was that it said the store was now located on Laird Drive…the same street we were on. I said to the lady “oh yes, I saw a sign that they moved somewhere on Laird, but I haven’t seen anything around”. We laughed about it, she drove off, and I went inside the store.

I was standing in line at the PetSmart counter to return my items** when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the lady who had just stopped me in the parking lot — and she was walking straight towards me. I thought to myself “surely she came back in to pick up some dog food, or some cat litter, or to shoot me or something”, but, alas, no. She marched right up to me and said “I wanted to let you know that I found the Winners; it’s at Laird and blah blah blah***. Then she turned around and walked right out the store!

I stood there in shock. I think my mouth actually dropped open a tiny bit. I actually don’t remember where she said the store was because I couldn’t believe what had actually just happened! Had this woman really driven off, found Winners, turned around, parked her  car, gone inside Petsmart, and found me just to tell me where Winners was?! I mean, who does that?! I’ll tell you who — Torontonians the Good, that’s who.


* For my American readers, Winners is the Marshalls of Canada
** I bought my foster cat a super soft, super fluffy $24 cat bed that she literally never touched. Tonight, I brought home a box top — you know, the kind that pops off of a paper box — that was FREE, incidentally, and she won’t get out of it. Go figure.  Anyway, I was returning the cat bed to PetSmart which is where the incident occurred.
*** Like I said, I couldn’t get to the new Winners if I wanted to because I didn’t hear anything the woman said. Either that or I’m finally losing my hearing. ;-)


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Thank You For The Mammaries (Day 24)

Admit it — you love breasts. We all love breasts, really. It’s possible that breasts could be called an American obsession and, in fact, I would venture to say that men everywhere take great lengths to recognize the hypnotic allure of a shapely breast. Big ones, small ones, fake ones, real ones, round ones, square er, semi-round ones — it’s all good stuff. For some women, breasts could easily qualify as their most enthusiastic component, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.  

So what’s *not* to love about breasts? I’ll tell you what — that bitch known as breast cancer. Sure, we all love prostates and ovaries and skin and throats and brains and lungs and all those other body parts that contract cancer, too, but being a woman who doesn’t have, say, a prostate, I worry more about breast cancer than I do about any of the other varieties. Which means you get to hear about this subject today. You’re welcome! Not to mention, breast cancer statistics1 are nothing short of grim. Consider these applicable to the U.S. in 2008 alone:

– 250,230 new cases
– a 1 in 8 incidence
– 40,480 women died from the disease. In one year. And people are pissed about the 4,3652 troops who have died in six and a half years in Afghanistan??
– the highest rate of cancer only after lung cancer

Thanksbeto the Twitter, I found out about a little project going on in Toronto called ProjectPink!. The idea, started by Darryl Koster of BusterRhinos Southern BBQ3 in Whitby, Ontario, was this: talk about how every woman should have a dash of pink in their hair at some point in their life which then manifested into his agreement that he’d dye his hair pink if Torontonians purchased 1,500 BBQ sandwiches4 between now and December 18. Most importantly, though, 50 cents of every sandwich purchased would be donated to the Breast Cancert Society. Sweet! Some of the way cool Toronto bloggers and tweeters I follow — karmacake.ca and cakeordeath.ca5 — decided that if the number was met, they too would put pink in their hair, and so on and so forth, and, let’s just say that a little viral revolution was born. Of course, never one to be left out when it has to do with a mini-revolution, and because I have always, always, always wanted pink in my hair, I jumped on the bandwagon.

You may remember those research studies “they” do on kids where they put deliciously yummy candies on a table and tell the poor, drooling four year-old that if they can wait five minutes without eating the candy, they get them all, but if they can’t wait the allotted time, then they’re basically headed for a life of unhappiness and destruction? 😉 Well, I fall into the latter category. I have gotten much better as I’ve gotten older (ahem), but my OCD6 tends to kick in when I’m excited about something and I just simply cannot. wait. Yes, I have zero patience and yes, I have negative 500 willpower. Your point?

What I’m getting at is this: my very favourite colour is pink. You could say that I am somewhat of a pink fanatic; my Twitter page is pink, my NaBloPoMo page is pink, my iPhone case is pink, I only use pink file folders at work and now, thanks to ProjectPink! my hair is now pink. No, I am not channeling my inner Avril Lavigne rocker girrl, despite the fact that I live in Ontario from whence she came. I like to think that I’m just taking this opportunity to promote ProjectPink! in my own little way before December 18, as well as fulfilling yet another item on my lengthy Canadian bucket list. Of course, the pink hair also most certainly qualifies under “Things that would never have happened in Houston, Texas”. 😉 

I’ve gotten mixed reactions. I see people glancing at it like “does she have pink in her hair?” or, alternatively, probably thinking “talk about age-inappropriate!”. The cool, hip people I know are like “omg, I lurve it so much!”. The uncool, non-hip people I know7 are like “hmmm, okay”. When I tell them it’s for breast cancer, they get it, but really, they don’t. It washes out in six to eight weeks anyway, but I honestly don’t care one iota — I love it and every time someone asks me about it, I tell them it’s for ProjectPink!  If I can do a teeny, tiny part *and* have pink hair, then I’m one happy girl!

Now that this long post has come to an end, I can say in conclusion, fuck cancer and support ProjectPink!

P.S. You may have heard that the United States Preventive Services Task Force recently suggested that women begin to wait until they’re 50 to receive a mammogram. Well, my message to USPSTF is this: you should get out of my way because if you persist with these guidelines, you can assume that I’ll promptly be putting on my killer 4-inch heels and coming after you — so watch out! Also, you should know that I think about you when I touch myself. 😉

1 Source: breastcancer.org
2 As of 11/22/09 at 1:25pm EST. Source: antiwar.com
3 OMG. Southern BBQ in Canada?! Cornbread, sweet tea and baked beans? Yes, please!
4 By which I do not mean Canadian BBQ or “hamburgers”. I mean real BBQ sandwiches. You know, like brisket.
5 Does anyone else see the pattern here?
6 I don’t really have OCD, but I like to blame my impatientness on OCD rather than the fact that I just simply have a lack of willpower. 😦
7 You know who you are.

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Driveway Challenge 015Sometimes work can be a giant bore. Cubicle life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, that’s for sure.  Sometimes.  Sometimes, though, it’s like gravy and sprinkles, and this week was one of those times.

Anyone who knows anything about (Canadian) sports knows Cabral Richards.  Who?  You probably better know him as Cabbie, as in The Score’s Cabbie on the Street. (I think The Score’s site might have been borked because it looks like crap.)  Being a new Torontonian, I had no clue who he was.  But I quickly discovered him to be hip and cool (traits I *also* share) and I developed a giant sports crush on him.  Cabbie likes to say that he’s “taking the sports interview game down a level”, which is not to say that his interviews are either stupid, or for stupid people.  Rather, he just cracks you the hell up!  I started Tivo’ing his show, Cabbie Unlimited, and fell in love with his bits with famous athletes like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.  His love affair interviews with Kobe are hilariously funny and quasi-legendary.  Because my blog isn’t yet self-hosted (but will be as soon as I can figure out what the hell “DNS propogation” and “domain mapping” are — *then* my days of renting will be done. DONE!), you can view said interviews on Cabbie’s You Tube page rather than me wasting my valuable time and space embedding the vids here. 😉    Driveway Challenge 022

So when I heard the awesome news that he would be hosting this event a second time, I was giddy!  GIDDY!  Forget the fact that Chris Bosh was the star of the day…I was going to meet Cabbie.  And, of course, as soon as he arrived, he was mobbed.  Which, of course, I’m used to and is why I had to procure my own security straight from the Air Canada Centre, as illlustrated above.  Ahem.

The event was getting ready to start and Cabbie hadn’t yet been freed up since every John, Paul and Larry within five miles were there to take his picture.  Thank goodness for my friend Cat who barged right up to him and said “hey Cabbie, I have your biggest fan here!” And he proceeded to do this (please turn your attention to the photo to the top of the page and to the left)!!!!!!!  Because he’s eleventy-thousand kinds of awesome.

Driveway Challenge 016I managed to stop hyperventilating long enough to blurt out some drivel about how I was so excited to meet him and about how I’d seen him at this same event last year but, being new to Canada and all, didn’t yet know who he was, but that I loved the stuff he’d done with Kobe and how I was his biggest girl fan.  You can see me going on and on and on, and how completely riveted he looks, when you turn your attention to the photo above and to your left. (!!!) 

And because he couldn’t get enough of me, we then took the photo of all photos, and one that I’m sure he’s already downloaded off of my Flickr page and has taken to Kinko’s to blow up into a wall-sized portrait for his office. Well, at least I like to think that’s what he did.  In reality, that was the end of that.  But it made my day…hell, it made my year!  I haven’t taken a shower yet.  🙂Driveway Challenge 017

And now for the shameless plug for which I am not getting one single penny: the new season of Cabbie Unlimited premieres September 1 at 7pm ET on The Score.  Check it out.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.  Just prepare your insides for the insane jiggling around they will experience from the non-stop laughter.

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People Got a Lotta Nerve

One of the most awesomest Americanadian lady-singers, the voice-like-buttah Neko Case, played Massey Hall in Toronto this week.  BNeko Case Signefore now, I was only a casual listener of Neko’s (read: I bought her last CD and listened to it approximately 2.5 times).  So when my friend TJ invited me to go see her, I thought meh, why not?  I hadn’t yet been to the Toronto institution that is Massey Hall and I had already planned to take that particular night off from being a rock star (ie: guitar lessons).  

We noshed at Verona beforehand to ensure we had stomachs full of yummy goodness to provide stamina  during what turned out to be an epic concert.  When we finally sauntered our way up to Massey Hall, there were strategically placed security on the sidewalks telling everyone that there was a camera policy in effect and that no photographs were allowed.  I thought it was odd that the facility had people delivering that message before we’d even gone in, but whatev.  I was too busy being Henri Cartier-Bresson outside the building, as per usual.

When we went inside, the ticket takers checked our bags, took our tickets and said “there’s no photography allowed”.  Yeah, I got it from that other guy five feet away from us.  Anyway.  Our seats were awesome — in the balcony, but next to a pole with an obstructed view so as to ensure an empty seat and so as not to run the risk of some loudmouth kid screaming and crying throughout the whole show.  Sweet!  The seats even sort of reclined which totally rocked in my opinion.   But, of course,  I’m easily amused.  

Before the opening act came out, the announcer again reminded us that “no photography was allowed”.  I have a very good friend who forbids me to post her photo on my Flickr page, or any other page for that matter, but I was confused as to why major stars were so against having their photo taken.  It was a slight overkill, imo.  Anyway, the opening act was Jason Lytle  of Grandaddy fame and I was personally unimpressed.  I found myself counting sheep in my head trying to make it through that disaster.  Unless, of course, you like melancholy, monotonous dirges, I’d suggest you avoid his music at all cost.  Unless, of course, the ticket comes for the mighty, mighty low price of free, then maybe.  But just maybe.  Probably not.

Neko CaseThankfully, mercifully, they only played for 45 minutes which gave me a rest from the counting.  And, it gave me time to pull out my iPhone to — wait for it — take a photo.  Rebel that I am, I was determined to take a picture which I’ve lovingly posted to the left.  You’ll notice that it’s basically of nothing except a) Neko’s road crew setting up her 13 — yep, count ’em…13! — guitars on stage and b) my most excellent vantage point. 

Of course, right before Neko came out, the announcer reminded us once again that no photography was allowed.  Repetitive, much?  Finally, the Neko Case goodness.  And of course, as soon as she walked out, the flashes started popping.  Such well behaved Canadians?!  I think not!  You could hear the crowd audibly going “oooh” because we knew somebody had some ‘splaining to do.  The Massey Hall staff couldn’t get into the crowds fast enough to confiscate, and physically remove, those degenerates who’d broken the rules.  In retrospect, it actually turned out to be a good thing for me since I am now able to provide you a glimpse, albeit illegal, at the show — so thank you Christeena from Flickr!  I’ll admit that the flashes were pretty bothersome, so I was glad they busted out Jack Bauer-style and squashed the bad guys.  Ahem.

So, if you don’t know who Neko Case is, she has serious street cred.  She was formerly part of the New Pornographers, most notably on their ridiculously-good Twin Cinema album.  This explains why I must have surely been the only person in the theatre that did not know she wasn’t Canadian. Der.  She repeatedly told us how nervous she was, which I thought was really sweet, endearing and refreshing.  She fidgeted with her dress and her hair incessantly during the show, sort of like a three-year-old during her first ballet recital, and talked about the garbage strike that’s been going on in Toronto for, oh, 27 days now.  She said it was the cleanest garbage strike she’d ever seen but, it’s Toronto, so, naturally!  Speaking of Toronto, Neko

Image Credit: Christeena on Flickr

Image Credit: Christeena on Flickr

 apparently recorded Middle Cyclone, the record in which she is currently touring in support of, in Toronto and the city obviously holds a special place in her heart.  I know this because when she belted out her first song, it was something super duper special.  Her voice was always stunning when I’ve heard her play on CBC Radio 3 and on her CD’s, but the power of it live actually gave me the tinglies.  It was unbelievably amazing!  So strong and big.  And she played the hell out of her 13 guitars!  I mean, all you have to do is take one listen to it and you’ll be smitten, too.  My apologies for the awesome sound quality of this video of People Got a Lotta Nerve.  By which I mean, you should thank me for changing your life by providing it.   

The concert went for nearly two hours and and Neko played two encores.  She seemed to thrive on interacting with the audience, although this may have been fueled by her madeira-swilling self!  Actually, Neko is seriously funny. I know this now from first-hand experience, but also because I am an NPR-Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me-nerd where Neko was just featured playing “Not My Job”.  She riffed Ken Burns-style about Necco wafers and I laughed so hard that soy sauce almost came out of my nose.  Instant classic!

Neko is funny, gorgeous and most impressively, has a voice from somewhere un-human-like.  I haven’t seen a concert that fantastic in a long time and I’m thrilled that I got to experience it along with my first Massey Hall sojourn. 

In summary?  Three words: Neko Case. Brilliant. 

Also, did I mention there was no photography allowed? 😉


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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Photo credit: Canadian Cliche Compendium

Photo credit: Canadian Cliche Compendium

This week marks the second anniversary of my move to Toronto the best decision I’ve made in my life to date.  A mere seven-hundred thirty days ago, I woke up with the roosters due to my being the world’s biggest ball of nerves and jumped on the only one-way flight ever I’ve taken.  And moved to Canada. 

I’ve experienced so many amazing, magical things during my time here.  I’ve seen so many fantastic places and most importantly, gotten to know a ton of seriously phenomenal people.  It’s true what they say — Canadians are super cool to a fault, so of course, I fit right in. 😉

If you’ve read any of my fantastically amazing blog to date, you know that I am an unabashed fan of both Toronto and Canada.  In honour of my undying love for my adopted country, I decided to take a short trip down memory lane and proselytize on some of the awesome things I’ve seen, done, learned, and learned to love since moving to the Great White North. 

Without further ado, a few things I’ve done…

– Traveled to as much of this gorgeous country as possible.  So far, I’ve traveled to Montréal, Québec City, Ottawa, Vancouver, Dorset in Ontario’s cottage country, Niagara Falls <swoon>, and Ontario’s wine country.  Soooo much more to go.  You know, like seven whole provinces and three territories. 😉 
– Have seen two of the five Great Lakes: Ontario and Erie.
– Have gone tobogganing on a real live, old-timey wooden toboggan.  Unfortunately, the three year olds on the hill lapped me.
– Fell in love with CBC Radio 3, the best radio station on earth and who recently decided to continue playing 100% Canadian artists.  Awesome.
– Started drinking scorched Tim Hortons coffee. It’s a cult, I tell you.  But a very attentive, loving one.
– Walked and explored as much of Toronto as possible, but still only covered like 1/4 of the city.  So. much. more. walking. required.
– Celebrated with the other 1,000,000 people at the world’s second largest Pride Week and Pride Parade.
– Witnessed a Canadian federal election that took two weeks, not two years. 
– Met Jack Layton at the Taste of the Danforth (two birds, one stone).
– Met Julian Schnabel at the Toronto International Film Festival (one of my *most* favourite festivals in this city).  Get here and go.
– Hung out with some cool Toronto Raptors (Chris Bosh, Anthony Parker, and Jamario Moon).  Because we’re tight like that.
– Learned to properly dress for, walk and drive in snow (well, I still don’t like to drive in it, but at least I’m not white knuckled and sobbing anymore.  TTC, me love you long time!)
– Finally figured out the metric system 
– Walked Queen Street West — my absolute favourite street — more times than I can recall.  I love seeing mohawk-sporting street kids strolling next to stay-at-home-moms pushing their Gap-clad spawn in $9,241 strollers. Acceptance of diversity makes me swoon!
– Argued the benefits of non-Universal healthcare (believe me, it ain’t free, as evidenced by my VERY large Revenue Canada tax bill) .
– Watched a TON of Canadian sports: Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, Vancovuer Canucks, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Marlies, Toronto FC, Pee Wee Hockey (yes, they start skating here at approximately 7.25 months of age).
– Joined the Junior League of Toronto.
– Became an iYellow Wine Club Ambassador.  Ange and Pax are seriously awesome people.  I (heart) them.
– Fell in love with Red Rose tea – mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
– Had roti for the first time.
– Had Ethiopian food for the first time.
– Had Sri Lankan food for the first time.
– Had Tunisian food for the first time.
– Have eaten at about 4,792 Toronto restaurants.  Only 2,984,316,705 to go.
– Watched uncensored Canadian television.  I mean, who cares if someone says “f*ck” on television?  99% of parents say it anyway! 
– Bought Canadian art by Canadian artists.
– Have seen a ton of amazing Canadian art (Group of Seven, First Nations, and about 7,000 art galleries, festivals and crawls).
– Joined the Art Gallery of Ontario, with its gorgeously-designed building by Toronto native Frank Gehry.
– Enjoyed the quiet pride that is the hallmark of this country.
– Frozen my tongue to a pole in the dead of winter.
– Bushes and boulders. Deserts, glaciers, sea shores, tropical forests, rivers, mountains, lakes, plains.  Yes Virginia, they really do have it all.
– Figured out how to decipher the funny-coloured Canadian money, including loonies and twonies.
– Experienced four *actual* seasons, rather than 11 months, 18 days of scorching hot summer and 12 days of sort-of-fall.
The CBC.  For thoughtful, professional explanation of world events without hype, opinion, or fluff.  End of story.
– Have seen more processions down the Highway of Heroes than one should ever see in their lifetime.  Simply.  Amazing.
– Learned that in Canada, a Whippet is neither a Devo song nor a dog.  It’s a cookie.  And a damn good one.
– Learned that in Canada, rye  not only means bread, but also whiskey.
– Learned that in Canada, hydro does not mean water, but electricity.
– Learned that in Canada, BBQ really means grill.
– Learned the hard way that the only iced tea they drink is from a can. Ew.
– Gotten forced off the Don Valley Parkway during rush hour and accosted by Toronto’s finest for having Texas license plates.  True story.
– Built a snowman.
– Figured out that no one — NO ONE — is open on statutory holidays.  When they say “holiday” in Canada, they mean it. 
– Observed Earth Hour by attending way cool “lights-free” parties two years in a row.  A-hem.
– Paid $5.50 a gallon in gas.  Actually, I continue to pay $5.50 a gallon in gas. [ed. note: 1 gallon = 4 litres.  A-hem.]
– Conversely, pay only $2 — yes, TWO DOLLARS — per prescription.  Thank you, dear company for whom I work.
– Worn shorts when it was only 10C/50F outside because after the -30C/-2F winter days, 10C/50F feels downright balmy.
– Lived through seven straight days of -30C weather. For my American friends, that’s cold.  So cold, in fact, that my cracked, ashen flesh started showing signs of cellular degeneration and I practically sawed off my gangrene-plauged limbs in desperation by day three.  I don’t recommend it. 
– Went to a non-Catholic church for the first time in my life.  Don’t tell my dad.
– Have seen a ton of Canadian dance (Winchester Theatre, aka The Winch, FTW!).
– Taken 15GB of photos, all lovingly posted on my Flickr page (where *your* photos should also be).
– Have eaten poutine.  And did not at all like it.  Of course, I had it at Swiss Chalet.  Ew.
– Enjoyed amazing, help-you-at-any-cost customer service. No matter with whom you’re doing business. 
– Blogged my arse off about what I’ve done here.
Rolled up my first Tim Hortons rim.
– Participated in Pay It Backwards Day which could only happen in Toronto.
– What have I not done?  Started to say “eh” and “zed”.  It will *never* happen. 😉

I had no idea what to expect when I moved here.  Admittedly, like a lot of Americans, and much to Canadians’ chagrin even though they won’t admit it, I didn’t really know much about the place.  Beyond all of the activities I’ve done, places I’ve been and things I’ve seen, the one thing I’ve learned is that the true spirit of Canada really does lie in its people.  I’ve met so many outstanding people and made such amazing friends that, even when they make fun of my accent and stare at me like I’m from another planet, I still love them.  Canadians *are* nice to a fault and they *will* do anything for you.  

None of this is to say that I am not completely and utterly proud to be American.  I am a Texas girl through and through…and always will be.  I’ve just packed more into two years here than I did in my entire thirty-three years in Texas — I even have the lost tread on my runners to prove it — and have loved every single second of it.  Here’s to two *more* years of mind-numbing, face-paralyzingly cold winters; beaver tails;  far too much BlackBerry usage; hockey; Tim Hortons; Canadian politics; Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics; snow; curling; liveable summers; and big, giant red maple leafs.

Canada. It’s easy to spell. It means village. What’s not to like?


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Why I’m Thankful I Live in Ontario

Five words: being off on Good Friday.  All together now — “Sweet”!  Almost monthly long weekends are surely God’s way of smiling down on the awesomeness that is Canada. 

I’ll be attempting to do some serious chillaxin on my day off by playing here, staying here and seeing this.  Oh, and border jumping so I can drop a wad o’cash here (!).  Full post-trip report forthcoming so start getting excited now.  😉

Also, since when did pirates become en vogue again?  Do they wear eye patches and have hooks for hands?  I don’t get it.

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Totally F****d!

Photo courtesy of Strandlighting.com

Photo courtesy of Strandlighting.com

I’ve seen a lot of theatre in my day (wow, how old does that make me sound?). I first saw The King and I at the Music Hall in Houston when I was just a wee tyke. I was absolutely mesmerized watching Yul Brenner sing “Getting to Know You” with the brightly colored costumes and vibrant stage. And the fact that the actors were right there. Right. There. I was hooked.

Seeing The King and I started a love affair with the stage that remains even today. In addition to King, I’ve seen Mamma Mia, The Lion King, We Will Rock You, The Sound of Music, The Phantom of the Opera (in London’s West End), Chicago (Swoon! both the stage and film versions), Les Miserables, 42nd Street, Oklahoma, Rent (on film – that counts, right?), Hairspray (on film – ditto), Cats and Wicked. I loved every one of them, although I don’t really remember Les Mis because I slept through half of it 😉  This weekend, though, I’m fairly certain I saw what may be the single best production upon which I’ve ever laid my eyes. Prior to the invtation to see the show, I’d never even heard of it. It apparently won eight Tony Awards in 2007 (no small task) and has been playing right under my nose in Toronto since March! I just chalk that oversight up to head. in. sand.

spring-awakening4The show is called Spring Awakening and is based on a Frank Wedekind play written in the late 1800’s of the same name. Wedekind’s plays were banned in his lifetime and were considered scandalous for the time as they dealt with such “racy” topics as puberty, sex, sexual freedoms, abuse, and death.  Sounds pretty heavy, but I can assure you that a) the writing is contemporary enough that it’s relevant even today and b) this musical is the most delicious, amazing, tremendous fabulously well-made thing ever conceived! 

The music is written by Duncan Sheik — yes, that  Duncan Sheik.  You remember…the guy from the mid-90’s who you used to sing in the shower but pretended to ignore while you were toking out to Nirvana and trying to be hip rocking the required grunge uniform of flannel shirt and cargo pants.  Well, Duncan pulled the wool over all of our eyes because what he did with Spring Awakening was simply brilliant! 

The Toronto show was at the Canon Theatre (gorgeous) and I was sitting second row dead center, so I got to take in all the “raciness” up close and personally.  I thought it was fantastic seeing such liberating dialogue on stage, but I’m not sure the elderly citizens of Toronto the Good sitting around me were as amused. 

spring-awakening-22The stage décor was so cool, the band was young, dressed in street clothes and sitting on stage, and they also sat a few audience members on stage, too!  Someone please buy me those tickets!  The show is raucous, toe-tapping and prodigious. And the music…THE MUSIC!!  I could not get home fast enough to download the soundtrack; I haven’t stopped listening to it since so if you hear me belting out “Don’t Do Sadness”, you’ll know why. 😉  My favorite numbers are “The Bitch of Living, “I Believe”, “Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind”, and my very favorite “Totally F****d”!  Yeah, it’s what you think it is, but you have to see the show to get the significance.  This you should do, post haste if you ask me.  They even sell T-shirts that say “Totally F****d” on the back.  Too much awesome.  I loved it so much that I actually bought tickets to see it a second time before it closes on April 19! 

I’ll stop gushing now.  This show is simply stunning — I cannot say enough excellent things about Spring Awakening.  Sell your car, your house, your left arm, your first born child — whatever you have to sell to in order to buy a ticket.  Just go see it — and quickly!

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