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The year of my birth was a leap year that began on a Saturday.  Fast forward 33.5 years and I found myself moving from my beloved Texas to a strange country.  On a Saturday.  Not sure of the significance, but there’s gotta be something there.  I’ll read my tarot cards and get back to you.  But I digress.  The year of my birth was also the year that Apollo 17 landed on the moon, Nixon met with Mao Zedong in the PRC,  “The Godfather” was released in theatres, and the Pittsburgh Steelers won their first ever post-season NFL game.  Also, Prime Minister Kofi Abrefa Busia of Ghana was overthrown in a military coup ;-).  Add my birth to all that goodness and, well, what a year! 

I live in the best city in the entire universe — Toronto, Ontario.  No, not in an igloo.  Rather, in a downtown apartment that faces east with gorgeous views of Lake Ontario.  Check my Flickr sets and you’ll see how much I love  a good photo of my beloved lake. I am generally an easy-going girlie-girl who likes pink and wearing 4″ heels as often as possible.

I am an only child (yes, a spoiled one; no, not a bratty one).  I have a BA in Communications and Marketing, and 3/4 of an MBA (Don’t look at me that way! I was out living my life and then moved to a foreign country so I didn’t finish. :-))  I am probably one of the few people on the planet whose job is actually degree-related; this makes me trés happy.

I like: underdogs, traveling anywhere anytime, mexican food, my cameras, This American Life/Ira Glass <swoon>, dancing around my apartment (to Classic 80’s music, natch), 1% chocolate milk in a freezing cold glass, NPR, challenging the status quo, people with proper hand and foot grooming, pistachio gelato, and intelligent, funny conversations.  My favourite shows on television are Independent Lens and American Idol, and, while those are in essence complete dichotomies, I guess you could say they both revolve around “the arts”. 🙂   

I dislike: washing dishes, the way eggs smell after they’re cooked (although I *love* eating them), people who drive slowly in the left lane (to hell, I say), coffee breath, when people at the desk next to me cut their fingernails over the wastebasket, and early morning wake-up calls (#fail).

As a transplanted Texan currently living in Canada, I’m also enjoying not having my brain seared from living on the face of the sun. I have tried losing my Texas accent, but haven’t yet been wholly successful.  I no longer say “y’all” or “fixin’ to”, but I don’t say “eh” either.  I will not shovel snow regardless of its relevance to being a “truly Canadian experience”.  

My intention in writing this blog was to attempt to capture and share a tiny slice of my time in the Great White North.  Also, so my grandkids would have something to read to me when I’m old and senile.  Countdown is progressing…

2 responses to “Meet Me

  1. daniele canney

    Hey, Texas!
    It’s North Carolina! We met at the wine show and I lost your card until the other day, when I found it amongst the confetti at the bottom of one of my purses. 🙂
    Checking out your pix… I may have just moved in near you, considering the view of Lake Ontario. We should meet for coffee or a drink soon, I’m here from Monday-Friday, generally back in KW with the man on the weekends.
    Let me know how it’s going and if you want to catch up soon.
    Sorry about the wait!
    ~the Tarheel

  2. Hey lady! Thanks for swinging by my blog!

    I’d love to get together when you’re in town! We can wow the bar with a plethora of “y’alls”. I’ll shoot you an email. Rock!

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