The Funny

Over the weekend, I googled a cat question that was something to the effect of “why do cats flick their tails” (yeah, I got a cat. I might get around to blogging about it before 2012 when the world ends. Anyway.). When I keyed in the word “why”, the first thing that came up was “Why can’t I own a Canadian?”. After I pulled myself up off the floor from laughing hysterically, I thought to myself “you know, why can’t I own a Canadian”? Is it against the law? Can an American not own foreign property? Do you have to say “zed” before they’ll allow you to own a Canadian? đŸ˜‰ The answer to this question confounds me. Not to mention that, technically, I already own a Canadian. A feline Canadian, but a Canadian nonetheless.

There were some other great questions that came up, such as the third one: “why are Canadians afraid of the dark”, and, of course my personal favourite: “why is my poop green?”. Keep in mind that these are *actual* questions people asked the interwebs. Wow.

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