Word. (Day 8)

You know how the ubiquitous coffee-table book always seems to be *the* Christmas gift to give? Well, imagine this: a coffee-table book of A Texas Girl’s Adventures in Canada! Think of it — anytime you had a hankering to read about how the RCMP is spying on me likes to read my blog or about how ridonculouslyunaware not in the know my fellow countrymen can be about Canada, you can just run to your bookshelf and grab a hardcopy of my 100 posts of goodness for your reading pleasure. You can customize the cover and the interior, and feel very much like you’re on your way to becoming the next Ernest Hemingway.

Blog2Print is the company that came up with this brilliant idea and Jess of Sift, Dust & Toss fame is the lovely Canadian food blogger who brought this seriously awesome invention to my attention. She’s already gotten her first 100 posts printed and she’s only been blogging since January 2009. I’m a serious blogging delinquent considering I didn’t hit my 100th post until last week — after two and a half years (!) — but we don’t need to talk about that. All we need to talk about is getting my narcissism awesomeness to print!

Santa, if you’re reading…. 😉

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