Was It Something I Said? (Day 4)

Apparently, the RCMP enjoys reading my blog. For nine minutes and eight seconds. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but apparently my recent post about going to Canada jail turned some heads in Ottawa. 😉




Also, Internet Explorer 6? Seriously?


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5 responses to “Was It Something I Said? (Day 4)

  1. Colin

    The IE6 doesn’t surprise me much.

    It is interesting, though, that there’s no referrer… which most likely means that they clicked (or typed) from an email.

    It appears that someone sold you out to the man! 😉

  2. How did they find out about you? Did you receive that little note as a notice from them?

    (Not to sound paranoid or anything)

    • That’s just a snagged screen shot of my StatCounter telling me who’s viewing my blog. I saw “RCMP” and my stomach went “bloop”!

      No one sent me anything from there, so I just assume that one of their employees somehow found my blog and just really, really likes it. 🙂

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