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Santa Ritalicious

Santa Ritalicious 017Those of you who know me know that I’m not a huge drinker.  I remember when my friends were starting to drink in high school, I tried my oh-so-very-best to get the rot-gut liquor they were drinking down my delicate esophagus, but I just never acquired the taste.  Believe me, I’m not some prude — I like a good gin and tonic with a twist as much as the next guy — but anyone who knows me knows that my very favourite thing to drink is a delicious glass of big, red wine.

When I moved to Toronto, I knew but two souls, both of whom had also moved from Houston.  In an effort to meet some cool Canadian people, I searched far and wide for a wine club so as to pair two of the things I love: being social and drinking wine!  I stumbled across the iYellow Wine Club which, at the time, had about 100 members.  The founders, Ange and Pax, took me under their little wings and have kept me there ever since.  I’ve watched Ange and Pax grow their business into an incorporated, and very reputable, Canadian wine business with about 4,000 wine club members, and television appearances and press coverage too numerous to mention.  I’ve been privileged to have served as one of their Ambassadors, too.  iYellow (a nod to Ange’s last name, Aiello) always putsSanta Ritalicious 032 on amazing events.  I try to attend, and help with, as many as possible, so when Ange asked if I’d help with their Santa Ritalicious event, I didn’t even blink. 

Santa Ritalicious was a relaunch of the Santa Rita winery’s 120 label.  About 175 people, including wine club members, media, and VIPs attended the event to sip some fantastic Chilean wines, listen to the winemaker talk about his wines, nosh on some yummy hors d’ouerves, and shake their groove thang to the rockin’ good tunage!  Santa Ritalicious was held at Thrush Holmes Empire, a way cool and very industrial Queen West art gallery.  I am way hipper in my head than in reailty, so I was psyched they even let me in the door.  These Torontonians were so hip, it hurt. 

I find that I always seem to gravitate to the red wines, so I started with one that was very close to my heart.  It was called the Santa Rita Pehuén Carménere, which I know is just a grape, but I like to pretend it’s named after me. Because I’m narcissistic that way.  This wine was super intense and very spicy, and was not a wine I could ever just sip.  Rather, it would pair well with a tender piece of beef or lamb or a big chocolate dessert.  Because nothing goes better with big red wines than big chocolate desserts.  Just sayin’.  This particular wine proved to be very popular, thoughl, and was the first to run out.  You can try it, too, for the low, low LCBO price of $54.95.  That’s $54.95 CAD…or $14.95 USD.  😉  

Santa Ritalicious 007Next, I tried the other out-of-my-price-range wine called the Santa Rita Triple C.  As the name indicates, it’s a triple blend of Cabernet Franc, Cab Sauv and, naturally, Carménere.  It was fantastic, with notes of black currants, tar, cloves, chocolate and vanilla.  Kind of sounds like you’re sipping an old man’s smoking club, nón?  It was a big, big wine, and was very, very good.  It, too, is available at the LCBO for the low, low price of $49.95. 

Not surprisingly, two of the best wines of the evening fell, in my very novice opinion, in the affordably affordable category of my-house-won’t-foreclose-because-I’ve-spent-a-fortune-on-wine.  Which is funny, because it’s a well known faction (fact + fiction) that I usually have champagne-taste on a beer-budget and not the other way around.  Anyway. 

Firstly, the Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc.  I typically shy away from white wines, but this one was lovely!  It was acidic, but not overly so, with lots of grapefruit and herbal notes. It would be fantastic with a grilled chicken salad or a big juicy piece of Atlantic salmon.  It had a wonderful finish and sells for– wait for it — $10.45.  Ten dollars and forty-five cents!!  I could buy a whole case and still have enough money to pay my Rogers cable bill

Lastly, and my most favourite wine of the night, was the Santa Rita RESERVA Cabernet Sauvignon.  It was big and ripe and just stunning.  Fruity and fragrant, it’s aged in American oak barrels, but was not at all overly “oaky”.  It would be good with, well, anything — ANYTHING, I say!  It had an amazing finish and, implementing my own personal red Santa Ritalicious 030wine “taste test”, didn’t at all burn my mouth.  Robert Parker would be so uber-impressed.  Were it available, I would totally buy a Catholic-family sized jug of this deliciousness.  And, it’s only $13.95 a bottle.  Sign me up.

In a fitting twist to the night, and in a Canadian Adventure kind of way, as I was listening to the winemaker, the girl standing in front of me lifted up her hair to play with her dress and as she did, I noticed that she had the Olympic rings tattooed on the back of her neck.  Being the perpetually nerdy Canadian tourist I am, I tapped her shoulder and said “I promise I’m not stalking you, but were you in the Olympics” or are you like those dorks in high school who wore t-shirts for bars they’d never been to just so we’d think they’d gotten in with their terribly-fake fake ID’s?  (I didn’t really say that).  She said “yes, I was on the gymnastics team in Beijing”.  What?!  A real, live Canadian Olympian in my midst?  Well, you know what my next move was, don’t you?  Photo op!!  Party pic!!  Please note that, even whilst wearing my usual 4″ heels, she was still taller than me.  I should probably just go ahead^ and start watching “Little People Big World” now.  Her name was Alexandra Orlando (in the din of the crowd I do, in fact, remember her saying “Orlando” just to prove I’m not making this up) and she was, in fact, on the Canadian Artistic Gymnastics team!  How cool is that?  I think my Canadian adventures are now officially complete.  (Related: how is it possible that I was drinking with someone born in 1987.  1987!!!  Holy Hanna Barbera, I’m a dinosaur. Which may also explain my recent penchant for listening to the Galaxie Adult Alternative channel rather than my previous penchant, Max Trax Hit List. Gah!)

Santa Ritalicious proved to be another astounding success from the iYellow Wine Group — the vibe was kickin’ and people stayed well into the evening…a sure sign of success.  The setting was perfect, the people were fabulous, the food (courtesy of Le Germain hotel) was totally tasty, and most importantly, there was excellent, excellent wine.  Santa Ritalicious 036Oh, and excellent, excellent swag, too.  Because who out there doesn’t love free stuff?  Awesome.

 Feel free to check out the remainder of my photos or the official event photos here.  




^Can you name that movie quote?


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Driveway Challenge 015Sometimes work can be a giant bore. Cubicle life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, that’s for sure.  Sometimes.  Sometimes, though, it’s like gravy and sprinkles, and this week was one of those times.

Anyone who knows anything about (Canadian) sports knows Cabral Richards.  Who?  You probably better know him as Cabbie, as in The Score’s Cabbie on the Street. (I think The Score’s site might have been borked because it looks like crap.)  Being a new Torontonian, I had no clue who he was.  But I quickly discovered him to be hip and cool (traits I *also* share) and I developed a giant sports crush on him.  Cabbie likes to say that he’s “taking the sports interview game down a level”, which is not to say that his interviews are either stupid, or for stupid people.  Rather, he just cracks you the hell up!  I started Tivo’ing his show, Cabbie Unlimited, and fell in love with his bits with famous athletes like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.  His love affair interviews with Kobe are hilariously funny and quasi-legendary.  Because my blog isn’t yet self-hosted (but will be as soon as I can figure out what the hell “DNS propogation” and “domain mapping” are — *then* my days of renting will be done. DONE!), you can view said interviews on Cabbie’s You Tube page rather than me wasting my valuable time and space embedding the vids here. 😉    Driveway Challenge 022

So when I heard the awesome news that he would be hosting this event a second time, I was giddy!  GIDDY!  Forget the fact that Chris Bosh was the star of the day…I was going to meet Cabbie.  And, of course, as soon as he arrived, he was mobbed.  Which, of course, I’m used to and is why I had to procure my own security straight from the Air Canada Centre, as illlustrated above.  Ahem.

The event was getting ready to start and Cabbie hadn’t yet been freed up since every John, Paul and Larry within five miles were there to take his picture.  Thank goodness for my friend Cat who barged right up to him and said “hey Cabbie, I have your biggest fan here!” And he proceeded to do this (please turn your attention to the photo to the top of the page and to the left)!!!!!!!  Because he’s eleventy-thousand kinds of awesome.

Driveway Challenge 016I managed to stop hyperventilating long enough to blurt out some drivel about how I was so excited to meet him and about how I’d seen him at this same event last year but, being new to Canada and all, didn’t yet know who he was, but that I loved the stuff he’d done with Kobe and how I was his biggest girl fan.  You can see me going on and on and on, and how completely riveted he looks, when you turn your attention to the photo above and to your left. (!!!) 

And because he couldn’t get enough of me, we then took the photo of all photos, and one that I’m sure he’s already downloaded off of my Flickr page and has taken to Kinko’s to blow up into a wall-sized portrait for his office. Well, at least I like to think that’s what he did.  In reality, that was the end of that.  But it made my day…hell, it made my year!  I haven’t taken a shower yet.  🙂Driveway Challenge 017

And now for the shameless plug for which I am not getting one single penny: the new season of Cabbie Unlimited premieres September 1 at 7pm ET on The Score.  Check it out.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.  Just prepare your insides for the insane jiggling around they will experience from the non-stop laughter.

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Reason #7,482 Why I Love My Province

You’d think that after returning from my recent epic trip to California , I’d need about a month of recovery.  But girls who blog never rest, y’all! 

Rouge River Valley Trails 020While I was in California, I had such a lovely time hiking in the Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space, that I decided to see where I could hike in the great province of Ontario.  Of the ten whole provinces and three whole territories in Canada, I’ve traveled to a whopping three of them, although I personally think that Ontario *must* be one of the most beautiful in the country.  We are lucky to have many different terrains — beaches, mountains (well, giant hills, anyway), lakes, concrete ;-), and as I have just discovered, kilometres and kilometres of glorious hiking trails! 

Being that I’m somewhat of a novice in the hiking department, and also that I was unable to brainwash any of my friends to go with me, I decided to play it safe and stick close to home.  I’d filled a backpack with hiking “essentials”, or at least what I’d deemed as “essential”.  Much to‘s chagrin, I’m sure, I decided to leave the snake bite kit, triangle bandage with pins, and emergency space blanket at home.  Maybe next time.  

There are apparently several hiking trails within the environs of the Greater Toronto Area, so I pinned up a map, closed my eyes, spun myself around, pointed and headed off to the Rouge River Valley Park.

It was a cool day and I actually had to don the jacket I’d brought with me. Which sucked because it’s July and we havenRouge River Valley Trails 011‘t had one single day of +30C weather in Toronto this month, and only one or two thus far this year.  Which means I haven’t been able to damage my epidermis this summer like I normally try to do.  And, which also means that it’s probably going to be a cold winter, which will make me want to once again jump off my balcony from having to wear a coat for eight straight months.  😦  Such is the life of a devoted Amerinadian.

When I arrived at the park, I made sure to read the “rules” and scan the area map, you know, just in case I got lost on the nearly straight paths. Hikers were urged not to hike alone “for your safety”, what with the non-mountain lions and non-mountain men in the area, but what was a single girl to do?  I shrugged and started walking.  

The hike turned out to be fairly average, but nice.  Eventually, it warmed up a bit, too, allowing my SPF 45 to work its magic for all of ten minutes.   I hiked both the Cedar and Orchard trails, and ended up hiking 8.8 kilometres round trip.  The terrain was mostly flat with a few hills here and there.  I saw several people along the way, including a couple of 80+ year olds, so I knew a) there would be no risk of me passing out and rolling off one of the three steep hills from too strenuous a hike and b) I could’ve outrun them should I have need to do so. 🙂

The most interesting thing I saw, other than the pretty wildflowers along the way, was a parked train.  I couldn’t remember ever being that close to an unattended train before so, naturally, I climbed right up.  Other than the gadgets and gears on the train, I noticed that those train people have serious senses of humour!  Does anyone else notice anything about the wordage used on the train in my photos below?  There was a way more explicit one, too, but in an effort to pan to my more senior readers (ahem), I’m leaving it on my Flickr page for your enjoyment.  Angel halo must remain in tact!

Rouge River Valley Trails 032

Rouge River Valley Trails 036

Rouge River Valley Trails 030

Overall, I had a fantastic walk.  And, it was super cool being out in the quiet all by myself, too.  About five minutes after I’d been standing smack dab in the middle of the tracks, though, a real live train came through, so Thank god Snidely Whiplash, that dastardly villain and bondage practictioner, wasn’t lurking around because Dudley Do-Right, that great Canadian RCMP, was nowhere to be found. 🙂


And I’d sure hate to be tied down and run over by a train.  Because I left my triangle bandage with pins at home, after all. 😉


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People Got a Lotta Nerve

One of the most awesomest Americanadian lady-singers, the voice-like-buttah Neko Case, played Massey Hall in Toronto this week.  BNeko Case Signefore now, I was only a casual listener of Neko’s (read: I bought her last CD and listened to it approximately 2.5 times).  So when my friend TJ invited me to go see her, I thought meh, why not?  I hadn’t yet been to the Toronto institution that is Massey Hall and I had already planned to take that particular night off from being a rock star (ie: guitar lessons).  

We noshed at Verona beforehand to ensure we had stomachs full of yummy goodness to provide stamina  during what turned out to be an epic concert.  When we finally sauntered our way up to Massey Hall, there were strategically placed security on the sidewalks telling everyone that there was a camera policy in effect and that no photographs were allowed.  I thought it was odd that the facility had people delivering that message before we’d even gone in, but whatev.  I was too busy being Henri Cartier-Bresson outside the building, as per usual.

When we went inside, the ticket takers checked our bags, took our tickets and said “there’s no photography allowed”.  Yeah, I got it from that other guy five feet away from us.  Anyway.  Our seats were awesome — in the balcony, but next to a pole with an obstructed view so as to ensure an empty seat and so as not to run the risk of some loudmouth kid screaming and crying throughout the whole show.  Sweet!  The seats even sort of reclined which totally rocked in my opinion.   But, of course,  I’m easily amused.  

Before the opening act came out, the announcer again reminded us that “no photography was allowed”.  I have a very good friend who forbids me to post her photo on my Flickr page, or any other page for that matter, but I was confused as to why major stars were so against having their photo taken.  It was a slight overkill, imo.  Anyway, the opening act was Jason Lytle  of Grandaddy fame and I was personally unimpressed.  I found myself counting sheep in my head trying to make it through that disaster.  Unless, of course, you like melancholy, monotonous dirges, I’d suggest you avoid his music at all cost.  Unless, of course, the ticket comes for the mighty, mighty low price of free, then maybe.  But just maybe.  Probably not.

Neko CaseThankfully, mercifully, they only played for 45 minutes which gave me a rest from the counting.  And, it gave me time to pull out my iPhone to — wait for it — take a photo.  Rebel that I am, I was determined to take a picture which I’ve lovingly posted to the left.  You’ll notice that it’s basically of nothing except a) Neko’s road crew setting up her 13 — yep, count ’em…13! — guitars on stage and b) my most excellent vantage point. 

Of course, right before Neko came out, the announcer reminded us once again that no photography was allowed.  Repetitive, much?  Finally, the Neko Case goodness.  And of course, as soon as she walked out, the flashes started popping.  Such well behaved Canadians?!  I think not!  You could hear the crowd audibly going “oooh” because we knew somebody had some ‘splaining to do.  The Massey Hall staff couldn’t get into the crowds fast enough to confiscate, and physically remove, those degenerates who’d broken the rules.  In retrospect, it actually turned out to be a good thing for me since I am now able to provide you a glimpse, albeit illegal, at the show — so thank you Christeena from Flickr!  I’ll admit that the flashes were pretty bothersome, so I was glad they busted out Jack Bauer-style and squashed the bad guys.  Ahem.

So, if you don’t know who Neko Case is, she has serious street cred.  She was formerly part of the New Pornographers, most notably on their ridiculously-good Twin Cinema album.  This explains why I must have surely been the only person in the theatre that did not know she wasn’t Canadian. Der.  She repeatedly told us how nervous she was, which I thought was really sweet, endearing and refreshing.  She fidgeted with her dress and her hair incessantly during the show, sort of like a three-year-old during her first ballet recital, and talked about the garbage strike that’s been going on in Toronto for, oh, 27 days now.  She said it was the cleanest garbage strike she’d ever seen but, it’s Toronto, so, naturally!  Speaking of Toronto, Neko

Image Credit: Christeena on Flickr

Image Credit: Christeena on Flickr

 apparently recorded Middle Cyclone, the record in which she is currently touring in support of, in Toronto and the city obviously holds a special place in her heart.  I know this because when she belted out her first song, it was something super duper special.  Her voice was always stunning when I’ve heard her play on CBC Radio 3 and on her CD’s, but the power of it live actually gave me the tinglies.  It was unbelievably amazing!  So strong and big.  And she played the hell out of her 13 guitars!  I mean, all you have to do is take one listen to it and you’ll be smitten, too.  My apologies for the awesome sound quality of this video of People Got a Lotta Nerve.  By which I mean, you should thank me for changing your life by providing it.   

The concert went for nearly two hours and and Neko played two encores.  She seemed to thrive on interacting with the audience, although this may have been fueled by her madeira-swilling self!  Actually, Neko is seriously funny. I know this now from first-hand experience, but also because I am an NPR-Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me-nerd where Neko was just featured playing “Not My Job”.  She riffed Ken Burns-style about Necco wafers and I laughed so hard that soy sauce almost came out of my nose.  Instant classic!

Neko is funny, gorgeous and most impressively, has a voice from somewhere un-human-like.  I haven’t seen a concert that fantastic in a long time and I’m thrilled that I got to experience it along with my first Massey Hall sojourn. 

In summary?  Three words: Neko Case. Brilliant. 

Also, did I mention there was no photography allowed? 😉


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Pimpin’ It West Coast Style

I was far overdue for a vacation.  Even when you are in love with the city in which you live, everybody needs a little time away.  So, I took full advantage of my best-friend-since-the-earth-cooled’s move to southern California and my other longtime, and former Houston dwelling, friend who-is-the-total-bomb’s already planned trip to northern California. Some serious California dreamin’ was going to be had by yours truly.

Long-time ATGAIC readers already know that I am hardly prodigious when I write.  Ahem.  😉  My trip was ten days — TEN DAYS! — and if I tried to write about everything I did, I’d surely a) develop carpal tunnel syndrome, b) bore my fair readers so much that they’d likely fall over, face first, into their dinner and no doubt stab their eye out with their fork, and c) get my azz beaten.  It would be enough to make your eyes bleed, I’m sure.  Instead, I’m going to utilize a super-stealthlike-jedi-mind-trick to make you *feel* like you’re getting the full rundown on my vacation, without having to read a novella, by featuring a lovely photo presentation!  Also, my Flickr-ninja skills have been in full force so feel free to see the plethora of photos there, as well.

And now, the highlights:

Hung out at the beach in Corona Del Mar and caught some rays.
California 017 

Drooled over the $10 million “weekend homes” on Balboa Island. (Note to self: work harder.) California 212

Scared families and small children with my I’ve-been-living-in-Canada-so-long-I-am-nearly-translucent skin.California 266


Partied with the Red Rocker on Independence Day. (Well, a look-a-like anyway.) California 286

Watched fireworks go boom! over the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach.California 332


Got attacked by a tree aprés July 4th festivities. California 335

Went to the infamous Alameda Antiques Fair in Oakland to rifle through things such as dismembered doll parts and old dental moulds.California 076


Saw some guys getting arrested in San Francisco.  Epic!California 348


Chilled at the fifth most popular architectural structure in the U.S. and swooned.California 103


Enjoyed evening repast, and practically had a foodgasm, at Restaurant Gary Danko. It was so good, I may or may not have wept. Gary Danko Lobster Salad

Hung out with some Bimbo’s.  And some Ho’s.Bimbo's

California 570

Endured driving down the 140 degree streets of San Francisco with my eyes closed (and hands up!) while my friend Lauren drove. Wheeee!
California 565



Found a store, albeit a clothing one, with the same name as my very favourite candle scent!  Too much goodness.California 562


Didn’t wear make-up for ten whole days!  And got sunburned because I also didn’t wear SPF for ten whole days. 😦  My poor, poor epidermis.California 419


Stayed in possibly the best room with the best view at the best hotel EVAR at Half Moon Bay.California 547


Played croquet. Old skool. And got pooped on by a malicious, malicious California dirty bird while doing it. (see the whiteness?)California 543


Ate the Lobster Roll at Sam’s Chowder House which was named one of the five best sandwiches in the US by NBC’s Today Show.  Yummy.  California 464Goodness.

Went bike riding along the coastal trail and went all Evel Kneival trying to ride and snap a photo simultaneously. Success! California 605

Sat in the hot tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean every night watching people make S’mores at the fire pits lit nightly. Like manna from heaven.California 484


Went hiking, and avoided mountain lions by wielding a very tiny rock and trying to “Be big. Shout!”, at the Purisima Redwoods Forest Preserve.California 581

California 574

Packed up and went home begrudgingly.  And had a fantastawesbulouslyamazing time.

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Random This and Random That

I’m taking a small reprieve from writing about my Canadian adventures to bring you some information that will surely be vital to your well-being. And your livelihood. So read on!

  • Did you know that you can type more than 3,000 words just with your left hand? It’s true!  Thanks to the standard keyboard’s configuration, our southpaw has to do a disproportionate amount of work compared to our right hands.  Just try typing words like “exaggerate”, “stewardesses”, and “abracadabra”!  Gah!  By comparison, our right hand can type a mere 300 words on its own.  Apparently, typists in the 1870s worked so quickly that they frequently jammed their machines and, to slow them down, popular letters such as A, E, T, I, and N were separated on the keyboard.  Though improved technologies negated the need for the ineffective layout, the QWERTY keyboard remained. Which explains why my left hand continues to appear larger than my right hand, what with my lengthy blog postings and all. 😉
  • OMG! Texting rulz ur life! LOL! Kthxbai. — Americans send 35 billion — that’s BILLION with a B — text messages a day.  That’s a lot of sexting going on.  Ahem.  Actually, I’d guess that Canadians send equal that amount even though there are ten times fewer citizens here than in the States.  This is due, in my estimation, to the terrible, terrible wireless plans available here.  Or to the fact that we are holed up inside for eight months a year in face-paralyzingly cold temperatures and, well, how the heck else are we going to stay connected to the outside world?! The texting rage could also have been fueled, of course, when in 2006, the Prime Minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen, allegedly broke up with his girlfriend via text message.  Classy.
  • Sadly, my stack of mail has grown to almost 6″ high, as illustrated below.  You’ll note that it’s almost as tall as my iPhMail 001one.  When I grow up and become rich, I’m going to hire three people: a driver, a cook, and someone to sort my mail.  Everyone says that you can count on two things in life: death and taxes.  Well I say it’s three: death, taxes and mail.  It. never. stops. coming.  Sigh.
  • I finally stepped up to the 21st century and joined Yelp.   Actually, who am I kidding?  Three of my closest friends don’t even have Facebook pages and I can say that about them because they don’t read blogs either.  I guess I’m not such a degenerate Yelp luddite after all!  But I digress. Yelp is, in my opinion, a wicked cool site  to find, and post, user reviews on all sorts of things like hotels, restaurants, nail salons, etc.  It’s like Amazon, but for places instead of things.  Question: does anyone still use *actual* phonebooks?  Certainly I shouldn’t get the evil eye when asking for one stinkin’ paper bag at Loblaw’s, when YellowPages is killing billions and billions of trees each year printing their behemoths?!  Join Yelp, people, and let’s save our trees!  Oh. My. God. I just realized that I’ve turned into a tree hugger.  A real, live, Canadian tree hugger.  My SUV-driving, oil-swilling Texas friends will be none too happy. 
  • I saw this neon blue drink in the grocery store yesterday.  It’s a Quebecois brand called Fruité Electric Blue (I couldn’t provide a link because, oddly, when I googled the brand, I couldn’t find a site.  Weird).  I usually drink the fruit punch flavour TOAE 031because I like to inject pure sugar into my veins, but I’d not seen this colour before.  The blisteringly bright blue juice caught my eye as I walked past the shelf and when I looked closer, noticed that its flavour is apparently supposed to be a blend of orange and blueberry.  Not only does that sound like a strange combo to me, but why is the drink coloured electric blue?  Where’s the orange representation?  I guess the company didn’t want to make a drink that’s the colour of orange and blue combined because that would just be weird.  According to Photoshop, it would make brown and who the heck would want to drink a brown juice concoction?  Oh wait a minute…maybe the nine cajillion people who consume drinks like Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, iced tea and other brown goodness at a rate of 945,235,012 per day?  Back to the R&D table, I think.
  • Poor Darth Vader. It’s bad enough that he lost his wife in childbirth, fought with his son, and embraced the Dark Side. Now it turns out that we continue to botch his most famous line.  According to a recent survey, fans mess up The Empire Strikes Back quote — “No, I am your father” — more than any other.  We wrongly say “Luke, I am your father”.  Oh well.  At least Vader’s in good company.  We apparently also misquote other movie icons such as Hannibal Lecter (who, to this day, scares the bejeezus out of me) and Dirty Harry.  Without further ado, the other top misquoted movie lines:

             2) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
                  Wrong: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”
                  Right: “Magic mirror on the wall…”

             3) Dirty Harry
                  Wrong: “Do you feel lucky, punk?”
                  Right: “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

              4) Casablanca
                   Wrong: “Play it again, Sam.”
                    Right: “Play it, Sam.”

              5) Silence of the Lambs
                    Wrong: “Hello, Clarice.”
                    Right: “Good evening, Clarice.”

              6) Star Trek franchise
                   Wrong: “Beam me up, Scotty!”
                   Right: Never used in film or TV series

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