For Once, A Proper *Rant* About Canada

As you all know, I have a major crush on Canada. I just couldn’t love it any darn more. I am seriously considering chaining myself to the Canadian flag pole at the border on March 31, 2010. The RCMP‘s are going to have to push me across, I swear.

However. Because I am not a citizen or permanent resident of this fair country, I can’t seem to get a credit card. I have been a homeowner for six years. I have had credit cards in my name since I was 16 years old (so, like, five years ago). Granted, in the States. The Canadian banks, however, consider me to have zero credit history and therefore, will not lend me any money. The banker I was dealing with actually told me that they don’t lend to people who only have work permit status, because they “might just pick up and leave the country without paying their debts”. Right. Because everyone can just pick up and LEAVE THEIR JOBS!

Look, I totally grok what they’re saying, but at least check my US credit history. I have an income after all. Give me some kind of benefit of the doubt. Something.

Don’t worry, Canada. We’re just on a small break — it’s not permanent. And, I hope you know that despite this small setback, I still love you. It’ll all get better…once you give me some damn credit!



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2 responses to “For Once, A Proper *Rant* About Canada

  1. Lisa Sonnonstine

    We could NEVER get a dang credit card either and we OWNED a house there!

  2. The Highwayman

    How would you like to be fifty years old, with no credit? Luckily, I don’t give a (four-letter term for fecal matter)!

    That’s why your country’s in recession, because banks control everything. We’re following right along, not to worry. If the American government ever came to a sudden stop, Harper’s head would go half-way up it’s ass!

    I liked your post on the “Highway of Heroes”, though I can’t agree with the veneration of it. I call it the highway of cannon-fodder, and I say that as an ex-member of the CF. Any kid of mine that signed up, today, would be disowned, and like right now. Fighting rich men’s wars for them, doesn’t blow my skirt up. After all, Bush started it… let him finish it! Not likely, eh?

    Oh well… glad you like Canada. I do, too. That’s a plus, because I live there.

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