Houston Totally Rocked, Y’all

My Houston trip is quickly coming to an end and it was good to Your Humble Narrator. I haven’t worn a coat in six days (!) and I think that maybe – just maybe – the pigment in my skin has officially changed from Casper white to the much darker hue of milky white.

My move went well and, despite running on a total of about four hours of sleep, I still managed to have an awesome time. Some highlights:

Driving into my fair city’s downtown core

Widely available sweet tea – possibly the true love of my life

Seeing my friend B. – the only person who will make funny margarita faces with me.

Seeing my friend J. who despises taking pictures.

My nearly hassle-free move. This was day 2.5 with no shower. Pretty. Does anyone else think I look like I’m attempting to do the River Dance?

Scarfing down calorie-free (not!) mexican food, minus the refried beans. Ick.

Not nearly as bright a shade of white as when I left Canada.

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