Backspin, Yo

I fancy a lovely little channel on (Sirius)XM called “Backspin-XL”. It’s total old skool rap and basically kicks it – hard. It’s so old skool, in fact, that seniors and their very senior parents listen while nursing their Manhattans at the bar.

I heard one of my all-time faves this morning and was forced to share. Totally took me back to when I was, like, eight. Okay, twelve, but who’s counting. Fantastic little tune to kick off the weekend, imo, as I’ll be kickin’ it tonight on King West. I’ll personally be having a drink or two. Or ten.

So, do you remember this little ditty? I love that it’s the Soul Train version, too. I mean, who doesn’t have fond memories of running home from school, sweaty with scabby knees and a metal Smurfs lunchbox clanging in hand, to watch Don Cornelius and “the hippest trip in America”? Good times.

(note the retro charm of Doug E Fresh’s “Coca-Cola” shirt. for shame!)


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One response to “Backspin, Yo

  1. Lauren Robishaw

    Ha ha! You totally used to ridicule me for kickin it to backspin, but who’s laughing now!!!

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