Thank You Jesus!!

Five words: the sun came out today!!

My makeup was ruined from the watery eyes I had after staring at the sun for about ten straight minutes, but I didn’t care! Then, I sang at the top of my lungs right in the middle of the office and got the stink-eye from my colleagues, but I didn’t care! The sun was blisteringly bright coming around the Don Mills curve on the DVP and my poor cornea were hardly able to adjust to the strong UV light; I was almost in a 179 car pile up because of it, but I didn’t care! I’m from Texas, remember? I’m used to living on the face of the sun, so not seeing it for five months has done permanent damage to both my eyeballs and my epidermis (that, I care about).

Today, though, I’m a happy girl!


Me doing a little jig after seeing the sun

Happy girl! (photo courtesy of Catherine)

The Gardiner on my way home – woo hoo!


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