My Week of Not Being Lame

My weeks are usually manic-filled episodes of sprinting around Toronto from place to place. Sort of like the proverbial chicken. Last week, though, was a rare one where I didn’t have much to do. I still managed to find a little bit of trouble – as I’m apt to do – but it was basically a slow one for me. This week, however, I am back on my A-game and have a ton of cool things lined up. If anyone wants to join, call me (picture me mouthing the words and holding up a “finger phone” to my ear).

Monday – Watching The Bachelor, sillies. Well, and hip hop dance class at City Dance Corps, too, but I’ll be DVR’ing the former. I mean, who doesn’t wanna watch Jason take those crazy, greedy, plastic bitches home to meet mom and dad?! It’s a (made for TV) disaster waiting to happen and I can’t wait.

Tuesday: Sewing Machine Essentials class. Yep, I’m diving head first into the pool of domestication. I will be learning how to turn a sewing machine on for the very first time and will be attempting to turn fabric into a pillow slip. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a true city girl at heart so this should be interesting. If I had to sew a button to save my life, well, you know.

Pics to follow, natch.

Wednesday: Watch Kobe (and the rest of the Lakers) take down the Raptors.

Thursday: “Up Until Now” at the Winchester Street Theatre (aka “The Winch”). The world premiere of a newly commissioned work from the iconic American choreographer and dance experimentalist Deborah Hay. Should be rockin’.

Friday: King West Pub Crawl. If it’s anywhere near as debaucherous as December’s outing, I’ll just plan to talk to you guys next week. Should be fun to try and make my 9am flight to Houston on Saturday. Think I’ll make it? (@Farhan – bet you can’t get 16 G&T’s down this time without stumbling home)

Saturday: Wake up and take aspirin. Fly to Houston. Pack up condo. Try to find renter in tanking economy. Shove as much Mexican food as possible down throat. Get waited on hand and foot by amazing parents.


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