Real Tea vs Canadian Tea

I had a brief conversation with someone this week about proper iced tea. Of course, he was Canadian and therefore hardly aware of any other tea besides this kind. Granted, he has tried iced tea from McDonald’s and, while that doesn’t really count in my book as true iced tea, at least it’s actually brewed! I am in no way trying to take anything away from Nestea – it is a perfectly reputable brand – but any alleged tea maker who has the word “Instant” on their homepage is in no way the real thing.

So, being a true Southern girl with a keen opinion on the libation, I thought I’d take this opportunity to do a little comparison for all of you tea lovers out there.

How real sweet tea is made:
1) Boil a large pot of water
2) Steep actual tea bags for 5-7 minutes
3) Remove tea bags
4) Add 1 cup of sugar while tea is still hot; stir until sugar is dissolved (note: sugar does not dissolve in cold beverages)
5) Add enough water to fill up half of your container
6) Add mint leaves, fresh lemon wedges or any other fresh additive of your choice
7) Stir
8) Pour over ice and enjoy!

How Canadian tea is made:
1) Mix up all kinds of chemicals and ingredients that end in things like “-dioxide”, “-zonate”, “-lactin”, etc.
2) Shoot in artificial lemon juice
3) Add some dark food coloring to make beverage appear to be “actual” tea
4) Add processed air to keep bottle content “fresh”
5) Add screw top to keep preservatives in
6) Pour over ice and enjoy!

You can choose for yourself, of course…I’m just sayin’.

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