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Time to Take Your Laptops Off "Simmer"

Hi folks,
You may have noticed that I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus and haven’t posted anything in a while. Well, fret no more – I’m here to apologize and make nice. I’ve actually been super busy collecting experiences to write about…I just haven’t actually taken the time to write them down! For those of you still with me, I have two spankin’ new posts for your perusal. Enjoy!

For those of you who have been in hibernation with me, Welcome Back!


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I went tobogganing today for the first time in my life. I guess the saying “better late than never” is apt in this scenario. My friend Chris and his wife invited me to their home for an early breakfast (homemade pancakes! smoothies!) – the perfect breakfast for a very chilly day. It was -20C when I left my house this morning. Not quite the balmy day. As an aside, I really enjoy T.O. on Sunday mornings. The city is quiet and I feel like I can explore without being in my usual iPod-wearing bubble, trying to drown out the constant whirs and whines of a big city.

Chris, his little girl and I made it out to the Winthrow Park “baby hill” around 10:30am. While the hill is considered small by T.O. standards, I was more than a little nervous once I climbed to the top of the hill. Even though there were 4 years olds flying down the hill like Canadian geese in flight south for winter, I had nervous little butterflies in my tummy! Chris and his daughter went down first as I got my “feet wet” and nerves up. Up next – the Texan – and in my best Texas accent asked “now how do I do this exactly?” The stares from the regulars were intense! The three of us went down together and it was exactly what I’d hoped it would be – super fun! Because the snow was fluffy and powdery, we all got face fulls of snow on the way down. Chris’s daughter was none too happy about it and thus ended her trips down the hill. I, however, was like a kid in a candy store and went down a few more times on my own. I even caught air on a big bump! Sweet. We made snow angels and threw snowballs, and then packed it in and headed home.

Later that same day, I got ready to go to the annual Toronto Maple Leafs “Have a Heart” dinner. The Leafs players serve the attendees at different stations around the venue – in this case, the Boiler House at the Distillery District – and raise money for their Leafs 4 Kids charity. My friend Carolyn came with me and had a drink at Pure Spirits beforehand (note to self: must try this place again soon – good vibe and what smelled like good food).
Afterwards, we headed over to the Boiler House and were conveniently too late to purcahse a “mystery bag”, although we later found out that they were basically selling old and outdated TML merch. Bogus! We had dinner after introductions served to us by all the Leafs VIP’s – Coach, GM, and players. Overall, it was a way cool event complete with a TML BBQ set and Players cookbook as the party swag…sweet!

Me with Tomas Kaberle

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Can Someone Please Close the Freezer Door?

It’s -28C outside today. Granted, that’s with the windchill, but does it really matter whether it’s -19C legitimately or -28C with the wind? I think not. T.O. has become a snow-choked frozen wasteland unfit for man or vehicle. Note to self: buy long johns and a timeshare in Antigua.

Looking out my window – at 2pm

Read more about the freezer that has become Toronto here.

But I digress. I am under the weather, diagnosed by my doc-in-a-box as having an “acute sinus infection” and not “walking pneumonia” as I had concluded by surfing mayoclinic.com. I am supposed to be resting and not working but, alas, work must go on and I am doing my best to keep up with the plethora of quasi-unimportant emails (imo!). Basically, I’ve been slathering myself up with my newly purchased jar of Vaseline (does that turn anyone else on besides me?), trying to keep my ever-reddening nose somewhat puppy-dog moist, sucking down Halls mentholatum and wrapping myself in a warm blanket cocoon. Maybe I should get one of these monk-like garbs?

I’m not used to sitting at home all day and around 4pm today, I started to get a serious case of cabin fever. I was also starting to feel achy and since am living here alone, must self-medicate and self-serve; as such, I ventured outside to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy a thermometer so as to properly monitor my (again self-diagnosed) oncoming fever. As soon as I stepped outside, the cold took my breath away. It was *bitterly* cold. When I breathed in, my nose actually froze together. Froze *together*, people! It felt like someone opened the freezer door and amped it up x 100. As a born and raised Southern girl, I was ill prepared for it. Still, I perservered and trudged up to the drugstore. The city seemed oddly quiet and I don’t know if that’s because it was so bloody cold outside that people were smartly staying indoors or because I had on about 8 layers of scarves, earmufs and hats wrapped around my already inflamed head. I perused the aisles, picked up the necessary “sick people foods” (Chicken noodle soup! Saltines! Catholic family-sized jug of Tropicana!), a $14.49 digital thermometer and headed home. I force fed the soup, fresh fruit and OJ and continued enjoying my overly humidified apartment while blissfully watching the all-day CSI marathon on Spike TV. Can life can’t get any better?

*New Feature Alert*
So, I am attempting to add a new bit to my blog whereby I document some of the current music I’m digging. Will do my best to post as many Canadian artists as possible in homage to my adopted country. Without further ado…..

Currently listening to (artist/song title):

Hooded Fang/Land of Giants
PPP/Lovers and Haters
Invasions/Atalantic Boulevard
Oh No Forest Fires/It’s Not Fun and Games Until Someone Loses
Hooded Fang/Fall Leaves

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