Swap Shop and Such

i’ve just discovered the most peculiar television show. it’s called “Swap Shop” and it’s on a local toronto channel on saturday and sunday mornings. it’s essentially a live craig’s list on television. a televised craig’s list you ask? wait, it gets better. people call in from all over the gta (that’s thet “greater toronto area” for those of you who don’t have the privilege of living through 7′ of snow during the lovely winter months) and try to sell their shit. most of the time, the hosts who are about 12 and just got out of junior high for summer break, can barely contain themselves. all kinds of people call in and part of the fun is really listening to their sad little stories about where they acquired their “item” and why they want to sell it. imagine “antiques roadshow” full of country bumpkins whose most recent technology purchase is their brita water filter. but i digress. this sunday, a man called in to sell his collection of – wait for it – “beverly hillbillies” VHS TAPES. for $300! no, i do not kid. he informed the public that he bought them over the course of 2 years and paid over $800 retail. this, my friends, is a show that simply cannot be missed. this is the reason i relocated to canada – quality television programming. http://www.rogerstelevision.com/option.asp?lid=12&rid=16&sid=264

in other news, it seems the canadians know more about the US presidential election than we do. i thought a fight was actually going to break out at my office today over who will get the democratic nom – obama or hillary. i thought to myself “9 out of 10 americans, no wait – 10 out of 10 americans likely could not name the canadian prime minister and yet my esteemed colleagues, who are canadian i might remind you, were asking each other “well, are you democrat or republican?”. it’s a wacky world out there.

in parting – have you all heard the news? i may potentially be having a life altering experience this summer. george michael is going on tour. i know – once you pick yourself up off the floor from the sheer excitement, get to the horn immediately and buy your tickets. careless whisper? freedom ’90? all live? i can already feel the pitter patter of my heart.

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