Random Thoughts and Soap…I Mean Such

didn’t do much this weekend in preparation for what will likely be a busy visit from my parents next weekend. i drove for about 40 minutes to find a famous bread bakery and while it was good, it wasn’t worth 40 minutes of $4.40/gallon gas. i recently started watching prime suspect – a british detective series with helen mirren that first showed in the states on pbs as part of masterpiece theatre in the 90’s. it’s fantastic and i’ve quickly become addicted. i found the best video store i’ve ever seen – they arrange their videos by director in addition to country and genre, so if you’re in the mood for a robert altman film, you just go to that section and choose from there. they claim to have over 52,000 titles, but what i love is that their series rentals (i.e. television shows) are altogether, meaning that you get all of season one at once, rather than season one, disc 1, etc. best part is it’s only $3.50 per rental which is dirt cheap for T.O. it’s called queen video on queen street west – definitely a must see place for any movie buff. i also rented the new roberto bernini called “the tiger in the snow” and an indie called “flannel pajamas”.

on to my soapbox for the day…
i’ve been surprised at how quickly i’ve adjusted to the culture here and how i subsequently feel very protective of the people and the country. at least once a day, i’m surprised at the kindness and generosity of torontonians; in turn, it makes me realize how unkind and judgemental americans can be, yours truly included. over the weekend, a man in his mid-30’s was killed here by 4 panhandlers. as he walked by, they asked him for money and when he said no, they attacked him and killed him. for a few fucking bucks. he was a banker for one of the large canadian banks and was engaged to be married. and, wait for it…..the 4 panhandlers were american. it makes me absolutely sick and it should make you sick too. does anyone realize what a violent society we live in? fear that something could happen any minute is plaguing our once great nation. when i first arrived, i found it strange when one of my co-workers asked me whether i was afraid to go outside in texas. i’m sure the look on my face gave away my frustration at that question. now i realize what she meant and have a different perspective as an “outsider” looking back/in. of course, while canada is not a violent society, they are not saints either – there is violence everywhere and i realize that. the difference is that in the states, the first 28 minutes of the news is about that day’s random acts of violence and here, they wrap them up in the first 2. i can tell that each day i live in such a tolerant culture, i become more tolerant myself. and that’s a good thing. i am NEVER afraid to walk in the city alone and while this may be a false sense of security, i am not fearful because i know that the probability that i’ll be the victim of a random act of violence here is slim to none. it’s more likely that someone would help me than hurt me. maybe i’m living in pleasantville, but i know this – the litigiousness, selfishness, greed, violence, health care systems, political processes – are all denigrading our once great society and it’s up to each one of us to stand up and make a difference.

wishing you all a safe week (keep away Dean, you bastard!),


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