BBQ or Grill?

There seems to be an ongoing debate here about the difference between a Barbeque and a Grill. Well, it may not be an ongoing debate in Canada, but it’s an ongoing debate in my mind. My company’s annual “summer BBQ” was the first Friday I was here, so I got really excited that I was going to get to eat a sliced beef sandwich with sauce. I was quickly corrected. Evidently, a “BBQ” in Canada is the actual apparatus used to cook the hamburgers and hot dogs, not the actual food type. I was crushed when I realized that I was just getting a grilled hamburger and not a real BBQ sandwich. When we cook out in Texas, we do it on the “grill” (and not the gold kind in your mouth) and invite people over to the BBQ…am I right?! Oh, and instead of chips and cookies like we’d have in Texas, they served the burgers with salad and fruit. (See previous post on sweets.)

New Word Learned: “Guk” = spicy mayonnaise.

New Restaurant – Lick’s “BBQ”

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  1. houston2calgary

    Hi Carmen, Just reading your blog and laughing about so much, but I HAD to comment on this. ANYTIME you use a bar b que to make a meal in Canada it’s automatically bar b que. I don’t make the rules. =)

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