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Let the adventure begin!

My first full week in Toronto passed very quickly! Although I had initial “Toronto hate” due to a bit of homesickness, I finally crept out of my hole on Wednesday and ventured out on my own. I am really starting to love my neighborhood – it’s the Entertainment District and is very close to the CN Tower and Rogers Centre, many of the theatres as well as the “avant-garde” area of Toronto called Queen Street. The area is bustling and people are always out and about which I love. I’m only a block away from Rogers Centre which is where the Toronto BlueJays play (that’s baseball, for those of you who aren’t sports fans) and because it’s summer, there are games going on all the time. It makes for interesting traffic “situations” coming home from work, but once I’m home, it’s fun to have all the fans around.

Even though I don’t know many people in Toronto, there are a few other Texans living here. I had dinner with a fabulous colleague on Thursday evening at a fabulous Italian restaurant called Pizzaiolo (http://www.pizzaiolorestaurant.com/). It was delicioso and so were my leftover pizza slices! A few of the other people living here from Texas got together for drinks and dinner on Friday evening in an area of Toronto called the Beaches. The boardwalk looks out over Lake Ontario which is as blue as the Logan sapphire. We walked (everyone here walks which is all new to me – no one believes when I tell them that we’d drive to a store 20 yards away!) to a lovely Italian restaurant on Queen Street East called Ci Vediamo (which means “we see each other” in Italian). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and unintentionally entertained the locals with our Texas accents!

Other restaurants frequented: Urban (http://www.urbanrestaurant.com/)

New Word Learned: Loonie (nickname for the the $1 Canadian coin)

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